Nature Ramble

Not so much of a ‘ramble’ today, more of a sit and watch.

One of the projects during my life was aquariums. I loved to sit and watch the fish at night, much better than some TV programmes, better actors too.

Just posting a few video clips from YouTube showing off some of the more unusual species.



African cichlids

Emperor Shark

Black Ghost knifefish

Redtail Shark

Bala sharks

Just a few different species. My personal favourite is the redtail shark, a stunningly beautiful fish.

You’ll notice, no goldfish, no guppies… Hate these fish, man-made aberrations.

4 responses to this post.

  1. I still enjoy watching fish in aquariums, thanks.



  2. Ooooh … this post was like a “zen” moment. Thank you … it was lovely!



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