Change the World Wednesday – 17th

Soon they will look like this – image: Musings from a Stonehead

I have beetroot on the boil, ready to make some pickled beetroot to put in the fridge. I have to store it in the fridge because I don’t have sealing jars.

In the middle of my second ‘beefless’ week. The first week was a success, although I nearly faltered this Monday…

“I almost committed a heinous crime. This is my second ‘beefless‘ week of the month in my resolve to limit the amount of beef I am responsible for. I planned lunch, a lovely pork roast that would warm the cockles of my heart today being coolish, cold sliced pork to go with a salad on a day not cool like today and at least two days of pork sandwiches for nibbles. Then I realised I was going to use beef dripping to cook it in the roasting dish. See how easy it is to fall into little traps. Yes, I buy my dripping, because I don’t roast enough to collect the real McCoy. I used to buy pork lard, but I just recently discovered that the green pack was beef dripping, much preferred because of the flavour. So in the spirit of the ‘beefless‘ week, I will dry roast it and save the lard produced.”Life is but a Labyrinth

light-switchAn aside – Someone turned the sun off…

It was a lovely sunny morning and now it is so dark I have to turn the light on at 9am to see the keyboard. I fear for the worst.

For those of you who liked my post yesterday, you might like to check the post on wine racks on my blog Things that Fizz & Stuff for rustic wine racks.


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Here we go! This week’s CTWW.

This week (yes, one whole week) banish paper towels/napkins from your life. This includes paper towels in public restrooms and disposable napkins in restaurants.


OR …

Never use them? Great, please share your tips & tricks for getting along without them.

I am a fiend.

My hamburgers are bigger and juicier

My hamburgers are bigger and juicier

Generally, I don’t use paper towels.

However, I do have them. Why, you might ask. Well there is no substitute for paper towels when you are eating a homemade hamburger; at least not my homemade hamburgers.

When I make a hamburger, it’s not just a hamburger, it’s an adventure. Hamburgers are not made to be eaten with a knife and fork, they are made to be eaten in the hand. My hamburgers are so juicy that to eat one without being folded in the mandatory paper towel you would have juice running down to your elbows.

My coffeepot

My coffeepot

So in this, I am a fiend.

But I don’t use them generally in the kitchen, there I prefer washable cloths for all those small spills, or big spills like yesterday pouring coffee from the bule (coffeepot) into the thermos flask, the spout slipped off the flask in mid-torrent and I had coffee all over the stove top.

This morning, I was more successful.

I also have paper serviettes.

Gasp, horror!

They get used for outdoor BBQs only. Indoors, I use cloth ones, when I use them.

As for paper towels in restrooms (how quaint that Americans have this peculiar name for toilets, I have never ‘rested’ in one yet), what can I say, I’m a man (men are just big boys) and a quick wipe on the jeans suffices. Old habits die hard.

My fav restaurants both have cloth napkins.

So while I commit these hideous crimes, I do so sparingly.

10 responses to this post.

  1. Seriously, who ever came up with using the term restroom for the bathrooms? I have to admit I have rested in a couple many years ago when nursing one of my children. It was a treat back then to find a comfortable spot just for that use any where.

    From the looks of your hamburger I can see why giving up beef would be hard.



  2. Posted by Alex Jones on April 18, 2013 at 3:17 am

    UK suffered mad cow disease which put me off beef for life many years ago.

    Spring has come at last to UK, I have been out in a t-shirt the last two days. Today is windy and colder though.



    • Alex, I can understand that.

      I see on the news that spring has arrived for you guys. I have just started wearing T-shirts, even sitting here without, it is cool although there is sort of some sunshine out there.




  3. Posted by smallftprints on April 23, 2013 at 2:52 pm

    I’m so impressed that you are continuing your beef-free resolve. On that note, have you ever tried a mushroom burger? I recently watched a video where the chef, a pretty devout carnivore, made them … he said they were good and similar in texture & flavor to a beef burger. I have to try them out (minus the egg and Parmesan). Here’s the link if you’re interested:

    Hm … wonder if you could use cloth napkins for those juicy, adventure-in-a-bun hamburgers? 🙂



    • >Small, yes, I could, but there’s something of an adventure involved eating one of my burgers. Finally watched that mushroom burger video, great, I’m going to try it.




      • Posted by smallftprints on April 24, 2013 at 6:29 pm

        Oh great … let me know what you think of it. 🙂 I’ve heard people say that they measure a burger in terms of how many napkins are required to eat them with the higher the number equaling a better burger. 🙂


      • >Small, it won’t be this week; mushrooms are expensive here. I haven’t heard about the napkin measure for burgers, but I can relate to it. 🙂



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