Targeting Plastic

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  1. GREAT advertisement. I went to the beach yesterday and took 100’s of photos of the crap and plastic along the beach. The sea was full of it too – so sad. It makes me very angry. This particular beach was pristine a year ago, it’s now a dump and the sea is like a floating garbage can. Not sure if you’ve posted the Midway Film on here yet but it’s a real tear-jerker.



    • >Lottie, I have seen the Midway film, very powerful. I can imagine your heartache at your local beach being destroyed. The global situation will get worse before someone wakes up and realises what is happening.




      • I’m going to post some of the photos on my blog shortly. I’ve already written on this subject but I find it really heartbreaking. I’d be really grateful if you could add your thoughts in the comments – you are always full of bright ideas! Thanks AV, Lottie 🙂


      • >Lottie, had a look, be back later.



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