What happens when you steal from nature

The last two hundred years technology has gone ahead in leaps and bounds, but now some are paying the price.

An example, we have always considered water to be plentiful, but now we are finding it’s not.

I read a post yesterday, that shows how we waste when we have plenty, then cry when the plenty runs out.

Turning Kansas into a desert

“In west-central Kansas, up to a fifth of the irrigated farmland along a 100-mile swath of the aquifer has already gone dry. In many other places, there no longer is enough water to supply farmers’ peak needs during Kansas’ scorching summers. And when the groundwater runs out, it is gone for good. Refilling the aquifer would require hundreds, if not thousands, of years of rains.”Running ‘Cause I Can’t Fly

The farmers have used nature’s reserve water supply and now they have nothing. The water from the aquifers is not to be used, it is what keeps the planet healthy and once it’s gone, it’s gone, for good.

This is not only happening in Kansas, but in Colorado and Texas as well.

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  1. I flew once in the last 30 years, that was 3 years ago. I looked out at one point and saw something I’d never seen before. There were these huge round fields. I looked it up to learn they were round because they had tapped into the aquifer. I was shocked anyone would do that.

    Here in the US we hear all the time about our oil reserves that can’t be touched unless there is an emergency. Water is a much more precious resource to keep us alive. Wish I knew what these people were thinking.



    • >lsf, we pay scant regard to nature, especially when profits are concerned. It’s not only the corporations it comes right down to the lowest levels. This paradigm of making money will be our ruin. If the paradigm is not changed to sustainability very soon we will be paying a price that no-one even imagines… our extinction.




  2. Posted by Alex Jones on June 23, 2013 at 6:25 pm

    In the end the people of the USA will pay the price for these examples of sustainability.



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