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Change the World Wednesday – 12th Jun

I am pre-Coffee at the moment

I am pre-Coffee at the moment

Please note, I am pre-Coffee and it is not yet 5am.


Beefless week last week, another success. Not only that, but I accepted Small’s challenge and went vege for a day and had quiche as my main meal. The rest of the week was pork, chicken and fish.

As usual, I bussed and walked to my jobs, and I walked to the supermarket. Just thought that I would mention, for those of you who don’t know me that well, I am confined to a walking stick for anything further than the little park where I live. I figure that if my leg does give out and I do fall (haven’t yet) the locals know where I belong. So for me the 25 minute walk (Monday-Friday) to my second job is a task; the longer hour walk to the supermarket is definitely taxing. There are two reasons that I commit this foolishness, one is financial; the other is that I need the exercise to combat my sedentary lifestyle. Besides, I get to see more of the neighbourhood and what is going on.

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Time for this week’s CTWW.

This one is for me, I am a gazer.

This week be very mindful of opening the refrigerator and freezer. Resist browsing the contents and/or “grazing”. Close the door rather than hold it open while you pour a glass of juice or quickly use an item to be returned to the shelf. When you must open the doors, minimize the time and shut them as quickly as possible.

This is not my fridge... it has food in it

This is not my fridge… it has food in it

Actually, I do feel twinges of guilt when I open the fridge door and normally get what I want and close it again.

But, I am also a gazer (not grazer, I don’t have grass in my fridge). I gaze into the empty space and wonder where all the food went. I gaze into the empty space and promise I’ll go to the supermarket. As I never have more food than I need, the gazing is brief.

I realise that when you open the door there is that WHOOSH! of cold air escaping, here in Rio on a 40°C (96°F) it is most welcome. But I don’t close the door while I am pouring a juice or water, or adding a splash of milk to my coffee; and for good reason. If you close the door and open it AGAIN to put the juice, water or milk back, there is a second WHOOSH! I have reasoned that the second WHOOSH! displaces more cold air in the fridge than it would lose if the door was left open momentarily.

If I am cooking, I get all the required ingredients from the fridge in one opening, rather than get them each as I need them.

So I am mindful of my fridge opening habits, and I have given them some thought in the past. This is one of the advantages of being old, you have time to think.

So yes, I have and do meet this challenge on a daily basis.


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