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Change the World Wednesday – 19th Jun

Guilt, angst, anguish this week. I had to break one of my rules; I threw three lots of food out.

Syrian bread makes great sandwiches, tacos and rollups

Syrian bread makes great sandwiches, tacos and rollups

I rarely do this, I try to use everything, although sometimes I throw one thing away, but three things in one week made me think seriously.

A strange smell, not nice, in the fridge and I discovered a big pork chop hidden by a bowl, it was well past being used. A pack of pre-made pancakes that I had bought on the advice of an assistant in the supermarket who recommended them instead of the Syrian bread that I wanted, they were nothing like bread, in fact they were ghastly. A half sachet of pizza paste, it had been unused for two weeks, and while it didn’t smell bad, and hadn’t started growing lurghies or a miniature rainforest, I didn’t trust it.

I am going to throw out another item this week. I am beefless this week, and yesterday I bought some chicken hamburger patties instead of my regular beef ones.


I had some last night. There is nothing good I can say about them. I made two double hamburgers, it was like eating tasteless cardboard; in fact cardboard would have been tastier. There is no fat in chicken patties, so they don’t cook like beef patties. I gave a raw one to Lixo, and even he wouldn’t eat it (he will eat the beef ones). So it is not only my opinion.

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On with this week’s CTWW.

This week go for a walk and pick up litter.


OR …

If your area is litter-free, join a group to help clean up a river or public space.

This is something I used to do regularly. Along with my Sunday morning coffee I would pick up all the rubbish in the part of the praça (park) in front of my house. I was a 20 minute exercise. But the bending down became too much for me and I haven’t done it for more than a year.

O peste, the pest from nextdorr

O peste, the pest from nextdoor

On Saturday, rubbish day, I did a clean up. People put their rubbish out during the day for collection at night.

My neighbour’s fox terrier has this habit of getting a bag (plastic supermarket bags) and taking it into the middle of the park to tear apart. On Saturday, it wasn’t one or two bags, it was four. He had made a terrible mess in the kids’ play area.

I cleaned it up. It was taxing, but I loved the result. I felt good.

I have now spoken to my neighbour about his dog’s habit, and he promises to keep better control… we’ll see.

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