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The Enemy – Plastic

Yes, the modern day enemy of the environment is plastic.

But we are lumbered with it, so what can be done?

Have a look at these videos and see what people are doing.

The recycling technology being embraced by manufacturers

More and more of us are recycling our waste at home in a bid to save resources – but could manufacturers do more themselves, by using recycled products as their raw materials in the first place?

The BBC’s Up Next team have taken a look at three very different products that in their own ways, do just that.

Check out the video clip on BBC (It’s not embeddable)

How To Recycle HDPE Plastic (High Density Polyethylene)

You can reduce polystyrene or styrofoam…

There’s plenty of information and videos on YouTube, go have a look, you just might find something that interests you.

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