Monday Moaning

I’m not doing the moaning this morning… you are!

You’ll be moaning, wailing and gnashing your teeth, when you see the facts about sugar consumption.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Since cutting down my sugar consumption most of those items pictures are too sweet and I can’t stand the taste any more. Luckily I don’t eat/drink any of those on your list.



    • >lsf, I have sugar only in my coffee. Juice, tea, all without. Dark chocolate (60% cocoa) I eat 50gms per day, less sugar than indicated, it’s good for the heart. Nothing else in that image I eat.




      • I gave up milk chocolate for either dark or baking cocoa to reduce the sugar. I don’t drink juice as I prefer the whole fruit. When I was younger I could have lived on sugary items. A bowl of cereal had so much sugar on it to cover up the taste of milk, giving up cold cereals and milk eliminated that need.


      • I don’t drink boxed juice, only what I make at home. I used to be the same with cereals, now I just drink milk.



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