Make you Fink on Friday

I used to buy fruit juice, I used to drink Coca Cola and other softdrinks and soda, I used to make cordial…

But then I discovered some facts about the ingredients used in all these drinks, ugly facts.

They have shit in them like aspartame, sucralose and high fructose corn syrup instead of suger. All of the above are pure poison!

So I switched to water, good old tap water. For a fizzy beverage sparkling mineral water became my drink.

But water can be boring…

So, spice it up a little.

fruit infused water

Some interesting recipes to spice up your water. Homemade is better than commercial poison. Use your fruit and vege, scrapes can be used too. For example, when I have pineapple, the skin goes to make pineapple water.

Check out Flux and Flow for more ideas.


Parents are warned to steer clear of sugar-filled ‘healthy’ drinks

Parents’ efforts on healthy eating ‘undermined’ by marketing campaigns and lack of government interest

Many ‘healthy’ drinks for children contain nearly as much sugar as Coca-Cola. Photograph: Melissa Lomax Speelman/Getty Images/Flickr RF

Nutritionists and health campaigners are calling on parents to avoid supposedly “healthy” fruit drinks during the hot summer – asking them to give thirsty children plain water or milk instead.

The calls come as new health research puts sugary drinks, and particularly the fructose in them, at the heart of the “diabesity” epidemic affecting young people in Britain. Some 67 health charities, medical royal colleges and public health bodies are asking the government to consider a health tax on sugary drinks, along the lines of those already successfully introduced in France and four other European countries.

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And the governments are just not interested; too much money to lose in corporate donations.

10 responses to this post.

  1. Yes, I invested in a water filter and began drinking water as my main drink, still drink some tea but that’s still better than soda.



  2. My fizzy drink of choice tends to be cava. I’m a label-reader par excellence. I find it very annoying that so many foods have some type of sugar – or sugar substitute – in them. Let alone fizzy drinks which are basically carbonated water and sugar with the odd flavouring chucked in. And then you have to consider (well I do) the ethics of the manufacturers. So even the water in my fridge is carefully chosen, no nestlé/danone water products for example.

    Fruit infused drinks is a good idea. I do put lemon in hot water from time to time as a morning drink instead of a weak tea. I suspect the others might be a bit sweet for my taste, but I’ll look it up. Thanks for the link.



  3. […] have updated the Make you Fink on Friday post with a warning published in The […]



  4. The heart of diabetes is eating crap food in the first place, and that includes rubbish drinks. Or sweeties, or chocolate, or biscuits or whatever. And too much milk isn’t exactly good for you either, or for cows or for the planet. But who knows, I could have diabetes. I’m certainly not going to be tested to find out. The diet sheet given to my mother (type 2 in her 70s) was utterly laughable.

    Do have a good Sunday 🙂



    • >rough, like you I have not been tested for diabetes, nor high blood pressure, nor cholesterol; I simply don’t want to know. At the moment, I’m doing fine. The doctors lie to you about your cholesterol so that BigPharma can sell more drugs. When my time comes, I will go peacefully knowing that I enjoyed life, without having to battle for another five minutes tenure here, and the misery that goes with it.

      Sunday is going to be beautiful, it’s already sunny, the hot will come, and while you won’t appreciate it, a BBQ is planned with friends in the park in front of the house.

      Hope your weekend is rumbling along well too.




      • Quite. I am not a fan of doctors who are as much quacks as I am and def of not a fan of big pharma. Having spent ten years in the UK NHS I can say that with some degree of whatever.

        Years ago I read about a (brit) guy in Nepal who said he would rather die happily with a bottle of whisky a day for any aches and pains and incurable diseases than go into hospital and be drugged up. Still doesn’t seem a bad option to me if it was a decent malt (from the hebrides).

        A veg BBQ wd be fine 😉 Sunday here has been sleepy time. Only day of the week we have chance to do it!!


      • >rough, the medical profession has been hijacked by the need for money, they no longer really care about your health.

        Sorry about the BBQ, it was the last day of a beef-week for me, so I made the most of it. This week, no beef.



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