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Monday Moaning

World’s first lab-grown burger is eaten in London

Prof Mark Post, of Maastricht University, explains how he and his colleagues made the world’s first lab-grown burger


The world’s first lab-grown burger was cooked and eaten at a news conference in London on Monday.

Scientists took cells from a cow and, at an institute in the Netherlands, turned them into strips of muscle that they combined to make a patty.

Researchers say the technology could be a sustainable way of meeting what they say is a growing demand for meat.

Critics say that eating less meat would be an easier way to tackle predicted food shortages.

The burger was cooked by chef Richard McGowan, from Cornwall, and tasted by critics Hanni Ruetzler and Josh Schonwald.

Upon tasting the burger, Austrian food researcher Ms Ruetzler said: “I was expecting the texture to be more soft… there is quite some intense taste, it’s close to meat, but it’s not that juicy. The consistency is perfect, but I miss salt and pepper.”

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I don’t care what you or they say, there is no way in Hades that would go near my mouth.

It is just plain disgusting.

It reminds me of a sci-fi book I read many years ago (when reading was actually acceptable) where a race of mute humans were raised like cattle to feed the populace. Nauseating.

But what is more concern to me is nobody knows if this crap has any side effects on the body.


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