Make you Fink on Friday

It’s a book review, but it’s pertinent.

toxic-overloadToxic Overload.

Don’t Let Everyday Chemicals Destroy Your Health. Environmental Health Specialist Dr. Paula Baillie-Hamilton Explains How Chemicals In Pesticides, Plastics, Cosmetics, Cleaning Solvents, And Many Other Common Products Build Up To Toxic Levels In Our Bodies And Break Down Our Natural Defenses Against Disease. Toxic Surcharge Reveals The Scientific Evidence That Links Chemicals To A Host Of Chronic Illnesses And Offers A Three-step Program To Battle This Toxic Poisoning, Including: – A 7-day De-sludge Diet That Shows You Which Foods Resolution Reduce Your Intake Of Dangerous Toxins – A Body-cleansing Supplement Program To Strengthen Privilege And Reverse The Damaging Effects Of Toxic Chemicals – Home Detoxification Tips That Reveal Where Dangerous Toxins Lurk In The Home And How To Implement Chemical-free Products Into Your Life

Source: The Limbic Brain

Nearly every nook and cranny of our everyday lives killing us, slowly but surely killing us.

I posted this simply to make you think, I am not promoting the book, nor have I received any payment.

Just the review should be enough to make you sit up and listen, enough to make you wake up and smell the coffee.


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