Monday Moaning

I’m a day late again, blame it on BBQ dishes from Sunday’s family BBQ.

But there’s always something to moan about, so today it’s a Tuesday Moaning.

Today the subject is bullshit.

Bullshit that we have been fed for years.

Fat Is Bad For You

As Men’s Health magazine  states, no one has ever proven so called bad fats are really bad for you!

Fat is a necessary nutrient for the body and especially for the brain. In fact, without fat you and I would probably not be here at all as the human brain evolved and developed into the biggest and most highly evolved brain on earth due to humans eating fat. No fat = No human beings.

Even saturated fats are not all bad for you. Saturated fats are probably the most demonized food on earth! Many cultures thrive on high saturated fat diets including Eskimos (blubber – what do you think blubber is?), and the Kenyan Maasai tribe in Africa.

The reason we think saturated fats are so bad is Ancel Keyes and his cherry [lying] picking data. I dealt with Mr. Keyes in some depth a few years back, Ancel Keyes.

Mother Nature Network (MNN) lists several studies that show that prove saturated fats do not lead to heart disease, including LDLs, as well as listing the benefits of saturated fats.

As MNN states, this does not mean that we should go on a an all bacon-cheeseburger diet. Remember the key is to eat all things in moderation. Two other good reads on saturated fats can be found at body building dot com and at Men’s Health, which is always a good source for health related articles. On the fat issue read, What if Bad Fat is Actually Good for You?

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I have been aware for some time that we are fed this bullshit that fat is bad for you, so I was interested in following up on this post about obesity. I am obese.

Picanha is a Brazilian cut from the sirloin

Picanha is a Brazilian cut from the sirloin

I recently had to have some medical tests, one of them was cholesterol. My cholesterol is perfect, perhaps a little low.

I eat fat!

See that picanha to the left?

I eat it, the fat is delicious, that’s where the flavour is.

Some waiters try to avoid serving the fat, I create a scandal.

We have been fed bullshit for so long that people believe natural fats are bad for you.

Why is this?

So the makers of fats like margarine, cooking oil, vegetable cooking fat can sell their ‘healthy’ products to you.

There is no independent scientific data that proves natural fat is bad for you, quite the obverse. In relation to cholesterol, every cell in your body needs it to reproduce, it you don’t have enough cholesterol your health suffers. So why do doctors always say your cholesterol is too high? Simply to sell more drugs that lower cholesterol, that is BigPharma at play. Cholesterol lowering drugs are one of the best money spinners on the planet.

Unless your cholesterol is over 250, you don’t need them. Doctors suggest 230, that way they can prescribe drugs; you don’t need them.

My cholesterol was 235, the ‘specialist’ tried to get me to lower it, when I challenged him, he admitted I was right. So I got no drugs for cholesterol.

If you throw ALL unnatural, man made fats out of the home, and return to good old butter, lard for cooking and stop cutting the fat off the meat, and if you can return to milk from the farm, you’ll be a healthier person. Also, a return to the ‘yucky’ foods like black pudding, liver, kidneys; food that we have discarded from our diets these are all valuable sources of iron and such.

I am not a doctor, I am talking commonsense from life. My admitted obesity is from my sedentary lifestyle due to mobility problems. I truly wish I could get out and about more.

Stop believing the bullshit!

8 responses to this post.

  1. Around 25 years ago, my cholesterol levels were through the roof, the doc said unless I immediately went on a low fat diet, I’d have a heart attack. So me being stubborn, I decided that if I’m going to die, I’m going to die happy, I pigged out on everything fatty, cream, cheese, and I wasn’t vegetarian back then, I stuffed myself! Went back to the doc for a recount, my cholesterol level had halved, well below that, the doc congratulated me on my low fat diet, I just grinned evilly!!



  2. I don’t think that fat is bad. I think it’s more a case of people eating too much of pretty much everything. We just eat too much. I don’t try to reduce fat in my diet at all but I only eat plant fats because I’m a plant-eater. But I’m generous with plant fats and don’t skimp on them at all.

    A few years ago my father moved in with me for a few months (he had just gotten divorced) and he was forced to eat my plant-based diet. He has always struggled with high cholesterol as it runs in our family. After a couple of months on my diet, it was really low. Now it’s back up to high levels again (I’m not sure what) because he’s back to cooking for himself.



    • >Rachel, you can trace obesity to vegetable fats (they’re man-made and hydrogenated – the worst), it’s used in all the cookies and cakes you buy, all the chips are fried in it, restaurants use it, it’s everywhere. Your success with your vege diet is elsewhere, not in the fats.




      • Hmm, that’s not what I meant. When I say I’m generous with the fats I probably should have said oil. I cook with olive oil mostly and I pour the stuff into my food. I also use sesame oil for Asian cooking and I’m fairly generous with that. I also use sunflower oil, ground nut oil, coconut cream and let me think…..I think that’s most of where my fat comes from. I also sometimes use peanut butter which is fairly high in fat and I love tahini which comes from sesame seeds and is also quite fatty. I also love avocados which are high in fat. None of these fats are man-made. I am not obese.


      • Cool, I was referring to vege cooking fat. We were at opposite poles. Olive oil, okay; sesame oil okay; canola etc, dangerous. The others you mention are great.

        I had wondered if I got you wrong… But as I said, your success is in other areas, exactly as you wrote.



  3. Posted by Alex Jones on October 2, 2013 at 6:56 am

    A lot of current ideas about food and health are being challenged by new findings, it makes the whole subject confusing.



    • >Alex, the problem with this one is that we were LIED to in order for companies to promote their unhealthy alternatives. Now people have to discover the truth, and the companies won’t tell us.




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