Make you Fink on Friday

This video relates Chernobyl, but it reflects on Fukushima.

Remember that Fukushima is 18x Chernobyl….

Take time to view, it’s 50 minutes, the levels of government, military interference and denial are still hampering Chernobyl, as they will for Fukushima for years to come. Talk, talk, talk…


Bear in mind, America is downwind from Fukushima, are we looking at the future for American children on the west coast, and maybe further?

Source: The Internet Post

4 responses to this post.

  1. I finally had a chance to watch this, and in light of the recent earthquake and possible Typhoon in the area of Fukushima this was downright scary. I believe many parts of the world and the oceans will be affected by Fukushima.



    • >lsf, scary indeed. Many call me an alarmist, or a conspiratorist, because of my views, but I just call it as I see it, and this situation is the worst that man is facing. Behind Japan itself, the US is the next desert as this is the way the world’s winds blow. Already there is an increase in thyroid-type cancers on the west coast, but they don’t want anyone to know this. Hell, the newspapers should be full of it, but they aren’t.




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