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Change the World Wednesday – 30th Oct


My pineapple flower

Cloro’s dirt box is outside permanently now. She’s being a good girl.

The worst smell in the kitchen now is freshly brewed morning coffee.

My success story. I mentioned the other week that a pineapple top I had tried to grow looked dead, actually it was knocked over by Cloro. I yanked it out and threw it on the compost heap where it took root and has now the beginnings of a flower. I have grown many pineapples like this as decoration, but never had one flower before, so I am quite pleased. It may even fruit, what a bonus.

My chili peppers have had their third harvest and the jar is now full. I also picked the first of my cayenne peppers and got one full jar. All steeped in olive oil, they are ready for Christmas gifts.

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This weeks CTWW is a little different.

This week, perform a random act of green. Similar to a random act of kindness, the idea is to help the planet by looking for Eco-friendly opportunities which may present themselves as you go through your day. This could be picking up trash while you walk or helping an elderly neighbor bring their recycling bin to the curb for pickup. Maybe you turn off a light which was left on, offer to carpool to save gas, or share local produce with a friend. Perhaps buy a reusable bag or bottle for someone or invite a neighbor to share a vegan meal. The possibilities are endless!

Now that we have Coletiva Seletiva (recyclable rubbish collection) once a week, I am considering all the rubbish that I throw our and whether it is appropriate for the weekly collection. I started with my sparking mineral water bottles and glass, now I am adding cardboard and paper and other plastics. My trice-weekly ‘normal’ rubbish has been reduced a lot. I pick up the trash on the street in front of my house and the cans and other is added to mine rather than put it in the street bins around the park so that it also gets the benefit of recycled rubbish.

So while am limited by my lack of mobility, I do little bits and they all add up.


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