Satireday on Eco-Crap


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  1. Posted by Alex Jones on November 16, 2013 at 6:36 pm

    Sometimes a brand like “Death” cigarettes makes a great brand.



    • >Alex, I agree that cigarettes are not the best for ones health, but I look at my father who never smoked nor drank and had major heart problems from the age of 60 and died at 73 despite being lean and fit (a national level table tennis player until 59). In contrast to both my grandfathers who smoked and drank heavily from the early age of 13/14 until the day they died, one at 90 and the other at 92, and neither from cigarette ailments, cirrhosis finally got them. As a smoker, I take a somewhat jaundiced view of all the anti-smoker hype. It may get me, it may not, but I am stress free and that is the greatest killer.




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