Not a CTWW Post, this is a Placebo

The apocalypse has arrived.

No Change the World Wednesday post on Reduce Footprints.

Small is taking her annual hiatus until the 20th January, so this is not a CTWW post, it’s a placebo.

Not for you, not for Small, IT’S FOR ME! I can’t do Humpday without a CTWW.

It’s true, every Wednesday I participate in CTWW, it becomes a routine, one gets used to it, then suddenly there’s this great big gaping hole in the middle of the week.

I need coffee!

Last week I got a new cabinet. It wasn’t from a store, and it wasn’t new. It was thrown out in the rubbish.

Most of the regulars to this blog will know that I rarely buy new furniture. Almost all the furniture in my house has been collected off the street, recycled and/or repurposed.


The cabinet on top is the one that I rescued last week, it is now the home for my glassware and bits.

With the exception of my hat and the glasses and stuff, nothing in that photo has been bought. It has all come from the street, (actually, the TV was given to me by my ex), even the plants. With a bit of imagination and a lot of necessity, magic can be worked.

While I do like the finer things in life, good coffee, wine and fine dining, my lifestyle is somewhat frugal. I can’t see the sense in spending a fortune in home furnishings, when with a bit of effort they can be free.

So, just an update from home this week.

4 responses to this post.

  1. I prefer second hand furniture too. Most of our furniture is second hand and aside from the environmental benefits, I actually prefer it to the soulless mass-produced stuff.

    You can see your reflection in the tv by the way 😉



  2. ‘Second-hand’ furniture is an interesting concept. Look at the price antiques go for. And then, the unwanted possessions that people throw out never fails to amaze me.

    I’m currently wearing a rather nice yellow sports jacket that someone chucked out down our local track. Quick wash and good as new.

    Virtually all the furniture in my flat here was my mothers, and 50+ years old. Nothing wrong with it, so why get rid of it? I think the last time I bought furniture was sometime in the last century.



    • >rough, yes, genuine antiques go for a fortune here in Brazil too. A lot of my clothing is second hand, hand-me-downs and the like. There’s certainly nothing wrong with 50+ furniture, it has that ‘lived’ feeling.




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