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Nature Ramble

A look at one of the world’s lesser known animals.

Looking more like a dragon from Harry Potter than a lizard.

Cordylus cataphractus

The armadillo lizard.

cordylus cataphractus

Found along the west coast of South Africa, from the Orange River in the north (Little Namaqualand, Northern Cape Province) to the Piketberg Mountains in the south, and as far inland as Matjiesfontein in the western Karoo Basin.
Armadillo lizards are named for their appearance when in a defensive position. When threatened, they curl up, grip the tail in their jaws, and form a tight, armored ball, resembling an armadillo. Rows of spiny osteodermate scales covering the neck, body, tail, and limbs deter predators from seizing or swallowing these lizards. – Animal Diversity Web
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