Not a CTWW Post – 11th Dec

I am lost.

But determined to keep CTWW alive until Small returns in January.

Another small challenge this week:

It’s Christmas time. Call it what you like Yuletide, Silly Season or Quafftide, it matters not. But every body will be racing around buying Christmas trees, presents and decoration. The challenge is DON’T buy decorations!

Make them!


If you are already doing this, leave a comment and tell us about it.

Here’s some ideas:

Plastic bottle bottoms

Plastic bottle bottoms

Mini Xmas trees from folded plastic ribbon - Image : How to Recycle

Mini Xmas trees from folded plastic ribbon – Image: How to Recycle

How to Recycle has many, many more ideas.

Plastic bottle apple - Image: Joyful Jewish

Plastic bottle apple – Image: Joyful Jewish

Use your imagination, have a go. Look for more ideas on the internet.

Leave a comment and let us know how you are doing it.

5 responses to this post.

  1. Good challenge! I don’t buy ornaments, I make them. This year I wanted a new way to have a tree that wouldn’t take up any space, last year I hung a found branch on the wall and decorated it, this year I used some free yarn to crochet a tree to hang the handmade ornaments on. My granddaughter was here last week and helped me cut up toilet paper rolls, paint and glue them together to make art for the one wall. Will be showing these soon.

    Most of the ornaments we can buy are from China, I refuse to buy them, plus I don’t have extra space I want to use to store a bunch of ornaments.



  2. >Lois, good for you. Look forward to seeing the results. Most things are made in China today; last week I went in to buy a chisel, ‘Made in China’, I refused it saying that when the shop had quality tools, I’d be back. More people need to take this stance. My father had American chisels that he bought in the 30s during his apprenticeship, we were still using those chisels into the 90s, and I suspect that my brother is still using them. Get a Chinese chisel to last 80 years… LOL




    • People laugh but most of my things are from my grandparents or at least used from a time when they were made in the US. Even my kitchen knives were theirs and work just fine, same with many of my tools. No need to buy new when those are still working fine. Good luck finding a chisel. I am so stubborn I will rig something to do the job before I will buy Chinese made.



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