Not a CTWW Post – 18th Dec

This was me yesterday

This was me yesterday

OMG, now it’s Thursday.

I had so much on yesterday. Read Not a Damned Thing and you’ll see why.

I didn’t even get the dishes done! Oh, wait, that’s normal.

The plants only got watered because it rained overnight.

I got some blogging done, mostly minimal posts with a single, but pertinent, image. By the time it got to 11pm, I ran out of steam. I typed in the title, and stared at a blank screen for several distraught moments and decided the best place was bed; as I wasn’t in bed, I rectified the situation.

Do you ever have those days?

So, what does one do on a CTWW, that’s not a CTWW on a Wednesday,  but a Thursday?

Does it even qualify?

We are all gearing up for the Silly Season, heck it’s only a week away, and I haven’t been near a shop. I don’t intend to go near a shop until after New Year.

My thoughts are on how we can recycle for Christmas.

I saw this lovely image that represents recycling, so a quick plug for the site from which it was purloined.

If you are lucky enough to live near Buxton Market Place they may be doing the same thing as last year, check the link, and offering to accept your unwanted presents in return for something you want.

A Bit of History

Many people are under the impression that it was Coca Cola who turned Santa Claus red. Certainly from the 1930s Coca Cola has capitalised on a red Santa as it suits their corporate colours.

But Santa was based on Saint Nicholas of Myra, Turkey, who was a bishop in the 3rd century. The red and white comes from the colour of the bishop’s robes.

My Not a CTWW challenge this week, is to avoid any product that uses a commercialised form of Santa Claus. Now in today’s commercialised world that is a hard one.

Leave a comment tell me the about what you hate about the commercialisation of  Christmas, or the worst advertising you’ve seen.

Mine, here in Brazil, is a TV ad that implies, in fact brainwashes you into thinking that only Coca Cola can bring you happiness and joy. Every time I see that ad I want to puke.

carolseverywhereOh, and Christmas carols in shops and stores…

Don’t get me started.


5 responses to this post.

  1. I thought today was Wednesday but it seems it is Thursday. I must be moving through the same time vacuum as you.



  2. I don’t often see commercials but recently saw one for the new Wii, (don’t recall its name) where the daughter is giving her family members a presentation on why they need the new gaming system. Then she shows another family on the TV playing it and tells her parents that this family says they can beat them. The dad immediately takes the challenge and wants the system to prove he is better.

    I think what bothers me the most about Christmas is how different it is today, it used to be about seeing all your loved ones at one time, Knowing Aunt Ronnie would be bringing her wilted salad (my favorite and only time of the year I got to eat this), and grandpa would be cracking jokes, we got to have breakfast in pjs not normal for us. Now it’s all about electronics, Black Friday, and the money spent. It’s like people think they have to show their love by getting a better gift to give than someone else. I watched a few years back while my sister handed over credit card after credit card to the owner of a business trying to find one she hadn’t maxed out yet. For her it was a normal occurrence, but I wanted to shrink into the crack in the floor I was so embarrassed to be with her at that moment.

    I need to check out the market information, I can see a lot of gifts returned for something better. I’d be curious to see which types of gifts are returned, maybe it would be a lesson to retailers in what to stock in the future.

    Btw, I thought today was Friday when I woke.



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