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Monday Moaning

Get off your ass and walk!

I read a post this morning about the costs of private transport. I’ve lost the link now… Arrrggghhh!

But it took into account the cost of mining, manufacture, etc, right up to the consumer.


The link: Good News Monday

The problem today is people seem to have forgotten that they have legs, and that legs were around long before cars.

Cities are not designed for walking, they are designed for cars, and there is more than half the problem.

The old days when you had a corner store and could walk have gone, because people have cars, they can drive to the supermarket.

One of the major problems the world is facing today is obesity. Today in an article I read that 50% obese by 2020 is greatly underestimating the problem.

People today need to get off their asses, and walk. Walk to the shops, I do sometimes, 25 minutes, and I am encumbered by a walking stick. Most people today are encumbered by their i/smart phones. We are encumbered by our need for convenience, and it will be the death of us.

As parents we are setting a horrible example to our kids, and making the problem worse by our own pathetic examples. Kids today just want to sit with their TVs, video games, etc. We need to give them better examples to follow.


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