Monday Moaning

We have become a world of pill poppers. You name the malady and there is a pill to pop for it.

I have read in many places that a lot of the pills we take are in fact placebos, they do nothing. Or they screw around with your brain.

Years ago, I had a problem with reflux caused by an ulcer that was caused by the anti inflamtories I was taking for a broken hip. The specialist gave me some pills, sure, stopped the pain. I then discovered how it stopped the pain. The medication simply told my brain to ignore it; the problem was still there.

More than a year later my own doctor told me this, and changed me to a medication that helped heal the ulcer and so stop the pain.

Last week, I posted this…

And it made me wonder where doctors lost the plot.

Recently, I read this post:

A Cure That Doesn’t Kill

Here’s the opening gambit.

“Worried about gun control? Yes, of course, let’s demolish the Second Amendment and instead let the “Doctor”, hand us death, faster than any bullet…

Mr. President, trust this when I tell you, that my own doctor, FDA and all the processed foods in our super-markets, will kill me quicker than any gun ever will.

If you get sick in USA and your family is not on Forbes list of the most richest wealthiest (there’s a difference) and influential people in America… you’re fucked.”

Click on the link above, read the full post, it’s an eye-opener.


3 responses to this post.

  1. I can really relate to what she has gone through. In my 20s I had cancer but was warned I could die from the chemo. I went a traditional route using food as my medicine and healed completely. I was also born with one kidney that never worked but caused infections regularly, again it was diet that fixed the problem. I have been fortunate in finding a doctor who understands my desire to take no medication unless absolutely necessary and shares with me alternative ways of healing. She refused to cut out my son’s wart when he was little and instead told us to use garlic. She has even asked my children not to allow their children to receive certain vaccines, and will write letters to the schools giving her reason why they are not vaccinated. Once she shared her reasons to my sons she left the decision up to them and said she would give it to the children if she was asked but only at an age older than suggested by the medical establishment. Of course the children did not receive the vaccine.



    • >Lois, living proof of my suspicions and the referred post. I have heard some strange things about some of these vaccines.There is so much that is being kept from us.




      • There really is. I’m relieved that our family doctor keeps up on current information in her field and advises my children appropriately. We are very fortunate in that non of us are what anyone would consider part of the wealthy class.


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