Make you Fink on Friday

stop frackingWhy oil companies and governments should frack off!

There has been much said over this fracking issue, oil companies telling us that it’s safe, despite triggering earthquakes (which bought experts say is nothing related to the fracking), flammable gases cropping up in kitchens in such quantities that the kitchen tap can be ignited (once again, bought experts say this is not a result of fracking). The governments are rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of endless oil, then lying through their teeth telling us that it is safe and we need it.

But a report yesterday tells the horrible truth.

California has run out of water. In Texas many areas are also out of water. Areas of these states have become desserts, farmers can’t irrigate crops.


Because they have wasted 97 billion gallons of water fracking.

The aquifers that keep the water running have dropped 300 metres, that is nothing short of disastrous.

When a river or a lake  is depleted, it is replenished after the next good rain. Not so with aquifers, they take years to replenish, some even centuries.

What is an aquifer? Image:

What is an aquifer? Image: Source

The aquifers are the delicate balance of nature between drought and plenty; you destroy them and you’ve got nothing left.

The truth about fracking is that it is to see how many ways you can f**k over Mother Nature.

Further, fracking involves injecting chemicals along with the vast quantities of water, Where does that contaminated water go? What chemicals are involved? How do these chemicals affect life?

Countries across the globe are getting into this bullshit, Cameron is fighting tooth and nail to get fracking going in Britain. The man is an IDIOT! As are all politicians who support fracking. New Zealand is doing it, New Zealand? It’s on a major tectonic plate line, are they going to trigger more earthquakes?

Who gives a shit, drill baby drill!

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  1. Of course we could all consume less. But who would want to do that?



  2. Reblogged this on ecobabbles and commented:
    It’s just not a good idea! I know the UK is under water at the moment but it won’t be long until we will be battling drought again and then this will be VERY real.



  3. Shell, I think is trying to get it going here in SA in the Karoo, but lot’s of opposition. Government though are in favor, probably because corrupt politicians already have their palms greased.



  4. I just heard about areas of California which have run out of water. I posted a while back on one region that is suing the companies, not for the pollution that results from fracking as that is excluded from law, but on the pollution caused by setting up the business. I’m looking forward to seeing how this turns out. It may be the only legal recourse we have to stop this insanity.



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