Monday Moaning

One of the biggest eco-problems of today is the city.

The bigger the city the bigger the problem.

Apart from cities being so badly designed that you need a car or public transport to get around, there is a greater problem.

São Paulo in Brazil is a city of some 20 million. That number of people require two basic things water and power.

At the moment São Paulo is lacking the former, and heading for problems with the latter.


The city relies on the large catchment area of the state for water and hydroelectric power. Currently, the catchment area has a big problem, drought. The dams and reservoirs are only at a fraction of their capacity. Most down to 30% and some even down to 16% because of the lack of rain.

Where has the rain gone?

No, we are not talking global warming here, but rather the mass of concrete that is used in a city of this size. It has altered the heat rising properties, stealing the clouds from the catchment area so the rain falls over the city, creating a further problem, flooding.

There is a real probability that São Paulo will have water rationing and planned power cuts in the very near future.

The sheer size of the city is creating their own problems.


São Paulo is a huge city

We need to halt the ever expanding city. Better still, we need to dismantle the cities in favour of returning to a rural self-sufficient lifestyle.

If we don’t, we are creating more problems.


7 responses to this post.

  1. People are really go crazy about what is bad for them and for the planet and for 50 years later could you believe that they have plan B to go and leave in space because they think they didn’t destroy this planet enough and they will work there too if they will work that hard to save this planet it will be more permanent solution than just for short term bigger problem :((



  2. My son frequently reminds me that the lifestyle we live will be threatened when the s**t hits the fan because there will be a mass exodus from the city in search of food. This area has plenty of fresh water being on Lake Erie (not salt water) so that isn’t as big a deal. Cities shouldn’t have been built to cram so many people in together.



    • >Lois, your son is so right, and the day the s**t hits the fan is close at hand and the exodus will not be peaceful.




      • I can sometimes ignore how bad things are when I look around my area and see the improvements which have been made. Both Lake Erie and the waterways around my current home town have been cleaned up. Improvements to the sewer and water treatment systems have been made and there is a lot of open space and protection for wildlife. But yes, he is right, when the s**t hits the fan those from the city will find their way here and life will change dramatically.


      • And how dramatically, we can’t even begin to envisage.


  3. […] month ago in my Monday Moaning I wrote of the plight of São Paulo, Brazil’s biggest […]



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