Make you Fink on Friday

Today, and it is only 45 minutes old, I saw the epitome of stupid and lazy.



A water app…

Supposedly to help you stay hydrated.

If you can’t figure that out, you’re stupid.

If you can’t go to the fridge when you’re thirsty, you’re lazy.

If you need an app to tell you, then, then…

We have sunk to this level, where people can’t even think for themselves, they need a bloody smart/iPhone to think for them, then there is NO hope for humanity!

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  2. Hi AV, Love this post. I had a call from my Dad a few weeks ago asking what is an App (he’s in almost 90yo so it is understandable). I explained as it is something he doesn’t need as he knows how to use pen & paper and his brain is still working.
    Just read this and thought of this post:
    The App is called Rescue Time. “It automatically tracks how long you spend on different tasks, from writing the next big novel to browsing cat videos on YouTube, and lets you know how much time you’re spending on each.” Did the Creator forget we a clock on our mobile?
    Thanks for the laugh.



  3. >Glenda, both my Mum and Dad were technology impeded, so I know what you mean. Rescue time sounds like another waste of time.




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