Make you Fink on Friday

My monitor blew up last night.

Not quite so spectacularly.

It was really more of a fizzle.

So I am using my lappy, and don’t have access to my planned material.

I am waiting for techy-type to deliver my standby, but you know these techy-types, then you have to extrapolate that by adding in the Brazilian factor. The fact that he is only just around the corner, 150 yards, is inversely proportional and therefore exacerbates the problem.

So, I will leave you this to think about…

We all need ‘People Skills




2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by smallftprints on June 27, 2014 at 8:04 pm

    Sorry to hear that you are having techy problems … I hate when that happens! Hopefully your techy guy will get you back up and running soon! Have a good weekend, AV!



    • >Small, the monitor has been threatening to quit for about three months, it was just a case of when. But another prime example of planned obsolescence. The first sign of problems was three months out of the guarantee period. I wish someone would sue these manufacturers. I can’t because of my situation, I have to lie quiet and take all this sh*t. But it is high time that someone challenged the status quo in court.

      Back on PC, the guy arrived about a half hour after this post. Can’t keep a good man down… for long. 🙂




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