Monday Moaning

Hidden Plastic

I got a surprise yesterday, reading a new blog found through their comment here.

The blog: Treading My Own Path

The post that caused me to blink…

The Scandalous Plastic in Tea Bags – Who Knew?

Oh tea-bags, you innocent-looking things, you. Thinking that just by turning yourselves into a delicious cup of tea I wouldn’t question you. In fact, I didn’t question you. Luckily for me, others did, which led me to this revelation: teabags contain plastic.

Source: Treading My Own Path – The Scandalous Plastic in Tea Bags – Who Knew? Read more of this great post, then come back and see if you agree with my opinion.


Teabags, apparently, contain a small amount of plastic. I didn’t know this, and I wager that you didn’t either.

Personally I am a coffee drinker, but I do enjoy the odd cuppa, especially if I’m crook (ill, for our American cousins), got a sore throat, a dodgy belly and the like.

When I drink tea, it is black (or green, or orange) without milk and sugar, which is why it is great for cleaning out dodgey bellies.

Because I drink so little tea, it is convenient to use teabags. There is also the fact that I have never seen loose tea in Brazilian supermarkets, but then I haven’t looked either; if it is here it doesn’t exactly jump out at you from the shelf.

But I will look.

Especially now that I know about the sneaky teabag plastic.

The blog post suggests that 165m teabags are used in UK alone. If you extrapolate that figure to a global one, the number must be staggering.

Evil, sneaky teabags

Evil, sneaky teabags

Once again we have a situation where our love of convenience (making a cuppa with a teabag) is, a] using oil reserves to make the plastic, and b]  creating a further problem with disposal.

And once again, companies don’t want us to know their dirty little secret.

I believe it is now our duty to spread the word, so that more people can make a cuppa with a choice, loose tea or teabag.

There’ll always be those who moan and say it’s not cost-effective to make a pot of tea when you’ve got those handy little teabags that make just the cuppa I need at the moment.

Tea tong

Tea tong

My mother had one of these in the kitchen drawer all my childhood. Sometimes it was used, although she usually brewed a pot for my father, he was not a coffee drinker.

I have not seen one for years, but browsing around just now, I see there are modern versions of the same thing.

I’ll check around, because if I can find loose tea, and a pair of these, teabags will become a thing of the past. And my life will be just a little greener.

Spread the word, so that this dirty little secret become common knowledge.

12 responses to this post.

  1. Its crazy all the places they hide plastic.



  2. Thanks for spreading the word… I wonder if it’s in the organic tea bags too?
    I drank organic herbal teas without sweeteners for twenty years until about a week ago when I realized the taste was not much different than simply drinking warm water which I had observed someone close to us, do lately.
    So, don’t laugh but, I changed to drinking it whenever I go to chill out with my family, seldom do I go back to “treating” myself to a herbal one.
    Thanks for the share!



  3. It’s ridiculous to add packaging problems to something that doesn’t need it.



  4. I’ve been told many times that tea bags are compostable, but I always had a niggling feeling that this wasn’t right. Yet I am still SO disappointed to know that so many brands include plastic in teabags, when it is really unnecessary. When I finish up my current Twinings I’ll do my best to find looseleaf! Thanks for sharing this and spreading the awareness 🙂



  5. I have a friend who just drinks hot water; my boyfriend calls it “silver tea”! He’s not sure where he picked the name up from, but I like it!

    Another thing I do in the morning, instead of a cup of tea I have warm water and juice of a lemon. Meant to be very good for you. No plastic at least! I mostly use loose leaf tea but I did gave tea bags for visitors who drink black tea- won’t be having these any more! Loose leaf all the way from now on! Sneaky tea bags >: (



  6. Posted by smallftprints on July 14, 2014 at 10:52 am

    Scandalous is right!! I thought those little bags were made of a paper product. Like a few others who have commented, I’ve even read articles about how they can be placed in the compost bin. I’m not a big tea drinker but occasionally I like it … plain, like you. Fortunately, we have loose-leaf options so I’m going after that. Here’s another great alternative … ginger tea. Simply steep a few slices of raw ginger, add a splash of lemon and you’re good to go. It’s lovely and very good for a body.



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