Simple Green Ideas

This is more of a repurpose. It’s also a personal effort.

Many of us have plants growing around the yard, in pots, tins, whatever.

Plants in odd tins

Plants in odd tins

I began to get so many for the yard, that I did this…

Plants on the street

My plants on the street & Kitty

I used them to make a barrier on the footpath (sidewalk for our American cousins) to prevent vehicles parking there.

Parking on footpaths is epidemic in Brazil, illegal, but everyone does it.

My fear is that the continual weight of cars, and if some idiot parks a truck there, will break the thin unreinforced concrete.

I have another almost ready to add.

The stones are the type used to make the old style roads here, you can find them around the streets. I do and carry them home to repurpose…

The Siamese type cat is the one that is in the process of adopting me. Kitty (pronounced Kitchy in Portuguese) has a belly full of paws and claws, and decided that my place and me are better than her current situation. Last night she got brave enough to jump up on the sofa for the first time while I was watching TV for a stroke. I feed her because she started coming here to steal Clorinha’s food, and I have guessed that she is not getting enough at home to feed both her and her extra baggage.

I realise that such a display on the footpath would be frowned on, if not illegal, in parts of the world where you would have neighbours and/or councils who would order their removal; which is why I live in Brazil and not the First World, my neighbours think it’s lovely despite the crappy looking tins. I am waiting for someone to offer me leftover paint… that I will recycle.

Ponder… why do Americans call it a sidewalk and not a footpath? I walk on my feet, not my side!

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  1. Because you’re walking on the side of the road? (I’m English, I use footpath, makes much more sense 😉 )



  2. Posted by Marie on August 5, 2014 at 9:40 am

    I love your plants on the sidewalk(in Scotland we called it the pavement) I have flowers in my front yard and I’m always happy to hear the folk comment on the nice flowers. A neighbour walks his little girl to school past my yard and she’s always asking “and what’s that flower daddy” of course daddy doesn’t know 🙂
    I love to hear you are rescuing a kitty, she is lucky to have found a good home.



  3. American here… No idea really. I suppose it’s because your walking on the “side” of the road. I like your tins. I was about to start planting herbs in pots but I think I’ll get some thrift store tins instead. Thanks!



    • >Sara, thanks for identifying. As an English teacher, I was aware of why, I just add these little ideas to generate interest. Thrift store tins are good, recycle. I find mine chucked out on the roadside as trash.




  4. I hate cars parked on the sidewalks what a great idea you had for keeping some space between the cars and your home.



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