Change the World Wednesday – 13th Aug

The two trees in memoriam of loved pets

The two trees in memory of loved pets

Sad news first.

Clorinha met her demise under the wheels of a car last Wednesday evening in front of the botequim (bar next door) while I was at work.

She used to take dreadful risks and I’m afraid that was life #9.

She is interred in the praça where she played, next to Herbie the neighbours Fox Terrier who was poisoned a year ago. Herbie has a palm tree, Clorinha has a guava tree; she liked guava, as they fell from the tree she would bat them around the yard.

I am currently struggling with a new WordPress post format. Not by choice, it ws thrust upon me in the blurry hours (1:30am) of this morning. You can read my thoughts on They’ve done it again!

My new chilli bushes are doing well. One has lots of red chillies ready for picking.

Puncutated by red

Puncutated with red

And the other with lots of little white flowers.


Punctuated with white

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On with this week’s CTWW.

This week it’s about trees and invasive bugs.

This week take 10 minutes to inspect trees on your property, in the area, on a hike, etc. Here’s how: Read the original post for the points


OR …

Here are two more activities to help prevent ALB infestation:

  • If you are planning to build a fire (campfire, etc.), use only wood from local sources. Do not carry it with you from other areas (for example, from home to a campsite out of state).
  • If you are landscaping, plant a wide variety of trees.

OR …

If your area is not threatened by ALB, give your trees a health “check up”. Click HERE for a list of things to consider.

We don’t have this ALB beetle here, or at least I don’t.

I give all my plants, trees, bushes, etc the once over every day.

I believe it's a stinkbug

I believe it’s a stink bug

I do have this little beast. He’s mainly in the tomatoes, but sometimes appears in my acerola (West Indian cherry) bush as well.

My tomatoes also get aphids; and my passion fruit vine leave suffer from the caterpillar of the gulf frutillery butterfly.

They are my only regular pests.

So I keep a daily check on the health on my trees and investigate anything abnormal.

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  1. Posted by smallftprints on August 13, 2014 at 11:21 am

    Oh no! I’m so sorry about Clorinha!! Poor little thing! It’s so hard with cats … I want to let them run free but it’s such a dangerous world for them … mostly because of humans. On the other hand, keeping them safe inside doesn’t seem right either. I keep my cat inside but I struggle with it, knowing that I’m preventing her from total freedom. I don’t know which is worse. But on days like today, when I know that you are feeling bad over Clorinha’s loss, I think that maybe freedom has too high of a price. I’m so sorry that she’s gone, AV!



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