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Coca Cola, Heinz And Other Major Food Companies Warn Climate Change Threatens Business

But as ThinkProgress noted at the time, the real story was not a guacamole shortage, but the emerging reality of doing business in a warming world. While politicians continue to bicker over whether or not climate change exists, companies now have no choice in the matter — they must acknowledge the science and the risk and disclose the reality of that risk to their investors’ pocketbooks. Whether that risk actually manifests itself is another matter, but the fact that companies are increasingly putting climate change on their threat lists speaks volumes to the severity of the problem.

Here are seven other big food companies that disclose to investors that climate change poses a threat to their products and bottom lines.

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My source: Garry Rodgers Nature


Isn’t it nice, these big multinational companies are worried about their profits… the risk to their investor’s pocketbooks.

Bugger you and your health, this isn’t an issue for them.

I don’t care one iota about their investor’s pocketbooks, they can all go broke as far as I am concerned. These companies are pure greed at our expense.

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  1. Wow these companies are worried about climate change, it’s about time. But I wouldn’t care if they went under either. Other than Chipotle I haven’t purchased a single thing from any of the companies mentioned in years. And I don’t eat the guacamole when out so it’s a non issue. They can fail for all I care.

    Reading the article you linked to I noticed a story on the sidebar about a couple who let the homeless sleep on their porch and are threatened with fines as a result. Give me a break. I used to sleep on our porch in the summer because I hated to be outdoors, it’s their home they should be able to do whatever they want.



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