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Monday Moaning


I really am, when I read this I just about blew a valve!


Ploys to make fur ‘respectable’ for the youth


Barbie dolls wearing fur (picture from One Green Planet)

Only 58 % of 18 to 24-year-olds in a poll believed it WRONG to use fur!

I  found this dismal statistic when reading Lorraine Fisher’s article in the Mail Online – March 2014 (

Even more depressing, though, was realising how furriers and fashion designers are trying to lure young people into buying real fur produce. To do this, these manufacturers are moving away from the ‘luxurious, heavy’ look of fur and producing  a ‘lighter, colourful and fun’ product.  

In other words, not only are creatures being needlessly skinned for their fur but their fur is now being disguised through dye and shearing. THIS MAKES NO SENSE TO ME.

Source: Fur out of the Closet Read and see more

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I can understand using leather and pelts from animals killed for consumption. This is using the whole animal.

But to raise animals, or trap them just for their fur is wrong.

It’s an abomination to advertise furs in this way using ploys like Barbie; undoing years of work to stop the fur trade.

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