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Everyone thinks these are ecologically friendly.

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Why Tetra Paks aren’t Green (even though they’re recyclable)

Tetra Paks are the cartons you find in the shops that are used to package milk, juice and various other liquids. You can also find products like chopped tomatoes packaged in this way. These containers allow food to be protected from contamination by bacteria and other microbes, meaning products can sit on the shelf for months without going bad. Once they’re used, Tetra Pak assure us that they can be recycled.

That sounds great, but I was left wondering…how exactly are Tetra Paks recycled? Aren’t they made up of layers of different material? Is it even possible to separate them, and then what happens to the materials? After some investigating, my conclusion is that Tetra Paks aren’t a green solution at all. Here’s why.

What is a Tetra Pak made from?

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  1. You see a lot of this sort of thing around – items claiming to be recyclable and yeah, they *kinda* are, in a *kinda* way, but no not really when you actually take the time to think about what recyclable really *should* mean.

    I view them as a cop out. Greenwash.



  2. >Lethally, I agree with the greenwashing concept. Not green at all.




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