Simple Green Ideas

greenpaintJust as a matter of interest, I googled ‘simple green ideas’.

I was confronted with 10 pages (I didn’t go any further) of some of the most expensive ungreen green painted kitchens. Obviously some people’s idea of ‘green’ goes as far as the paint tin.

While in some cases painting an old item to reuse can be green.

Painting an expensive fitted kitchen green is not being green.

It really gave me something to reflect on.

Just how few people are really trying to be green. It made me feel as though I have been pushing shit uphill with a garden fork with my humble efforts.

Honestly, I feel deflated.

Just some thoughts for today, back with ideas next week.

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  1. I understand completely! We’re talking to the people who already do the right thing. I haven’t posted anything on my blog for 6 weeks for this very reason! I’m sure I’ll get back to it, but right now I just can’t…sigh

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  2. Well, I can say I believe my painting and repairing my kitchen was a greener option than tearing it out and starting over, but if I had a kitchen in good shape then no, painting it would not be the green way to go.



  3. One of the things that makes me sigh is recycling. Our town council has supplied bins for recycled goods, with clear explanations of what can be put in them. Some *ssholes always ruin the whole darn load by putting household rubbish ( including dirty disposable nappies) in these bins. I think I’ll form a vigilante group and run these folks out of town!



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