Monday Moaning

This wasn’t going to be my MM post this morning. My post this morning was going to be about the quarry plans for Hopwas Forest, an ancient woodland mentioned in the Domesday Book in1086. But, you can read it on BBCNews and imagine what I have to say about the potential destruction.

On with the moan…

I have been sitting on a quote for some time. Yesterday Lois, over at Eco-Grandma wrote a wonderful post, using that same quote.

In effect, she unwittingly stole my thunder., but I bear no umbrage because it gave me the impetus to do what I had been procrastinating for the past few months. Yes, sometimes I have ideas and it takes a while before those ideas get to paper, or in this case… screen.

Hop on over to Eco-Grandma and read Lois’ post first, then continue on here… I’ll wait until you come back.

Poignant, yes?

breathingmoneyMy view is that our social paradigm must change. Not just change a little, but drastic changes must be made if humanity is going to stand a chance for survival.

I will not beat about the bush.

The western world hs become a fat, lazy, egocentric, greedy, want, want, want, waste, waste, waste society.

I don’t care if you are a trim 75kg muscle-rippling male, or a lithe 50kg female with big knockers; I am pointing the finger at you too! We are all tarred with the same brush.

Our downfall is technology.

Technology has ruined the human race beyond recognition. It has turned a hard working person into a slob in so many ways.

Technology is responsible for over population. Technology is responsible for obesity. Technology is responsible for pollution. Technology is responsible for… Oh, heck, that list can go on and on.

In short, technology is our enemy, not our friend.

We have become so greedy because technology has made us make money faster. Our capitalist world wants more money even faster still.

If we, as a species, are to survive, we need to shun techology before it strangles us.

brainwashingEven the internet.

The internet is in decline, it is being taken over by corporate interests. Just the same happened to radio, television and the telephone; all were great inventions until they became the tools of corporations. The first radio and TV didn’t have advertising and crap, now they are the means of brainwashing society, the telephone too with its infernal telemarketing. The internet is going the same way. It has already become a vast network for brainwashing.

This brainwashing has made us a consumer society. We see, we want!

When in reality, we don’t need.

Society has to retake control of itself.

We have to recognise the brainwashing by governments, corporations and the mainstram media and refuse to let it control us. In effect, we have to stop being sheep and following the flock to our doom.

I have said many times that the old ways were better, the way things were done in granny’s day. I’m talking about my granny, not yours from the 1950s, mine from 1894.

Yes, my granny was born in 1894. In those days cooking was done at home, our food was grown in the backyard, clothes were mended and handed down, pollution was minimal, plastic bags didn’t exist, we hadn’t begun to deplete the planet’s resources and we lived in near rural tranquility with less crime and violence.

In those days, they didn’t have TV which I blame for the beginning of our ills, they didn’t have psychologists, they didn’t have the likes of Prozac to make life rosy and create psychopathic shooters, they didn’t mollycoddle their kids so they grew up knowing nothing about the real world; and the latest… they didn’t have smartphones where they walked along with their noses buried in small screens, they saw the world and what was happening.

Technology has complicated our lives, we need to return to the simplicity of yesteryear.

Recently, I posted The Kill Shot on Tomus Arcanum. It was about the dangers we face with solar flares. What happens if a Kill Shot strikes Earth? Don’t laugh, don’t shrug this off as a flight of fancy.  Last week there was a solar flare that disrupted northern hemisphere communications for 48 hours.

facebookdownlikesPeople had to live for two days wihout Twitter and FaceBook.

Imagine a reall Kill Shot that knocked the net out for weeks… you have a lot of blathering idiots walking in the streets drooling.

A real Kill Shot is just hypothetical, it could never happen.

No? Just 18 months ago a Kill Shot so big that it is called a Carrington Event, just missed the Earth because the sun was facing slightly off. And, if you think this isn’t serious, such a Kill Shot could take the earth back to the Stone Age. Our technology would be down forever.

Just think, no cars, no TV, no supermarkets, no internet,,, and no FaceBook.

Society would have to re-invent itself, if it hadn’t already been roasted.

Apart from the possibility of a huge solar flre, which may/may not happen, if we don’t simplify our world, we are still doomed.

We need to change the paradigm; and that starts with you!

“No, don’t look around, I am pointing the finger at you!”

4 responses to this post.

  1. AV, I am so glad you wrote your take on McPherson’s quote as you touched on a several subjects I need to consider. On the solar flares, there is another one happening at the moment which poses a great threat to us. I realized I am not as prepared as I thought I was while reading this. I still need to purchase seeds for next year’s garden but buying only heirloom (organic) seeds I need to order them via the mail. I better get on that soon.

    I recently watched a documentary called Engines of Domination which you can find free here which basically says we are sheep being controlled by a small few who don’t have our best interests in mind. That we need to break free from the social structures such as working jobs we hate, to break the power these people have over us. It’s an interesting film which I plan to write about soon.

    Cell phones and social media can all disappear as far as I am concerned.Yes, having a cell phone allows me to live independently a bit easier and safer but I would survive without it. People need to rejoin the world and quit living a fake existence through these things.

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    • >Lois, I thank you for the impetus. I have many more subjects that I could have added, just re-reading now, my brain was churning.

      I’ve opened that link, thanks, I will explore it later. Yes, we need to empower ourselves, that’s for sure. I often joke about the fake 2D world and the 3D reality. I’m guilty, I love my PC, most of my friends are in there. 🙂 In recent years I have become more of a recluse.

      If things did come to a crunch and I wasn’t roasted, I would survive with my gardening, my food knowledge and animal husbandry skills; millions wouldn’t.

      There would be food and water wars.

      There I can also defend myself.



      • I see a series starting here on this subject. I’m still an amateur in gardening. I’ve always grown something but it was usually something easy like cucumbers and strawberries. I’ve been practicing the last few years and feel more confident now. As for water, we get enough rainfall here all I have to do is filter it and I’m set.


      • I meant to add that I didn’t know about the current solar flare and haven’t seen anything in the news.

        Regards the water. São Paulo state had plenty of water, they even built hydro-electric dams… now they are struggling as the rain has disappeared, and they are resorting to ‘dead water’ that is the base water of a reservoir that stops the new water from disappearing into the ground; once that’s gone, it could take 100 years before it recovers, if the rains return.

        So, having plenty of water now, doesn’t mean that it is forever.

        I’ve never considered strawberries to be easy to grow. Mind you I have never tried.



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