If you go down in the woods today….

Instead of Simple Green Ideas today, I found this great story about foraging… which is a simple green idea.

Green Lizard's Blog

…. You’d better not go alone.’

In our case go with a lovely mixture of British ish people, Italians and Dutch. And try to ensure there is a good mix of foraging knowledge among the group so that all items edible can be identified in two to three languages.

Oh, and bring rain gear and an umbrella.

Such was our afternoon.

The rendezvous was scheduled for 14.00 but disaster struck and some prepared foraged foods took a tumble down a stair delaying the start of our walk somewhat.

Our lovely guide Kitty of Kit’s Kitchens arrived soon enough.

Within about fifty metres, we encountered countless edible delicacies. The first was just a few steps from the start.

(Apologies for inaccurate spelling in any language. And please don’t trust my recollections here as any sort of guide. The memories of our wonderful multilingual conversation may be misleading. )

And so the…

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