Change the World Wednesday – 26th Nov

A sure sign that it’s Christmas… Small is taking a break until the New Year.

It’s been a quiet week, not a lot has happened.

We’ve had some rain since last CTWW, and are expecting more today, possibly a storm. The weather change over the weekend left me all stuffed up, but getting over that now.

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This week’s CTWW is not so much a CTWW as a plea for help by Small.

What would you like to see on Reduce Footprints in 2015?

Pop on over to see the rest on her blog and add some ideas.

Me, I don’t have much. I rather like her blog. I don’t follow product reviews, nor Special offers, not on any blog. Some of the recipes I like, even though they tend toward the vegan. Meet & Greet, I think that needs a facelift. I must admit since it was reduced to once a month, I have been rather lax about participating because I forget it.

However, I am going to throw out a challenge.

Once Thanksgiving is over people begin thinking about Christmas trees.


A slow Christmas death

The last thing the world needs is another dead tree.

Please don’t do it. Don’t kill another tree.

If you must use the imitation tree you saved from last year, but don’t buy another.

Think outside the box; in fact you can use the box, or just branches, or just your imagination.

Alternative-Xmas-Tree-281x375If you don’t like this, search ‘alternative christmas tree’ on Google, there are plenty of ideas there.

But please don’t fall victim to commercial products, or become a serial Christmas tree killer.

4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by smallftprints on November 26, 2014 at 1:12 pm

    I accept your challenge! We have an imitation tree which was given to us years ago so we use it. If it should ever “die”, though, we’ll probably make our own. My husband’s family has done that for years … they take whatever scrap materials they have around (wire, fallen tree branches, etc.) and create beautiful, unique trees.

    I appreciate your comments about the blog. You’re so right … Meet & Greet needs a facelift or needs to end. Perhaps it has just lived it’s life. 🙂

    I’ll be “lurking” around for the next couple of months so will probably stop by from time to time! Have a wonderful holiday season, AV!



  2. Posted by marie on November 26, 2014 at 1:31 pm

    I have an artificial tree, I’ve never had a real tree, I hate to see them dying at the side of the road in January. I don’t even cut my flowers to bring in the house.
    Of course now I have plant eating kitties so there are no live plants in the house within kitty range.

    The decorations on the tree are mostly handmade or thrift/garage sale finds.



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