Simple Green Ideas

Feeling arty?

Got a box/chest/old drawer in the attic/shed/junk room full of these.

Grandma's kitchen utensils

Grandma’s kitchen utensils

Think outside the box. Try something arty/new/different…

framedspoonsInstead of buying Christmas presents; make your own.

Get away from commercialism this Christmas.

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  1. Posted by marie on December 2, 2014 at 11:11 am

    Hey, that isn’t a box full of junk 🙂 I see cookie cutters, a flour sifter,a wooden mallet, a whisk and most of the items look like they’re stainless steel. And I also see and old fashioned hand beater, you could wrap that up as is and give it to me for Christmas and I’d be well pleased.

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  2. I’ll take the items Marie doesn’t want! I see a cheese grater and a juicer as well. These are things I wish I could buy or find for my kitchen.



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