Change the World Wednesday – 10th Dec

Running a bit late today.

Small is still away and will be until mid-January, but I will try to keep the CTWW idea afloat.

But here’s a CTWW for you for Christmas celebrations.

coca-cola-ban-symbolAvoid all softdrinks and soda this Christmas, no Coca Cola, no Pepsi, no processed fruit drinks in a box, no diet, no lo-cal, no zero.

Instead buy fruit and make your own juice, and offer sparkling mineral water.

This challenge doesn’t apply to Christmas cheer for adults. They’re not the issue. The issue that we’re fighting is HFCS and artificial sweetners like sucralose and aspartame.

You can have a Happy Christmas without these beverages.

You do not need these additives in your, or your kids’ diets; they are the principle reason for obesity and other health problems.

See you next week.

11 responses to this post.

  1. Good Challenge this week. Thank you.



  2. Posted by marieann on December 11, 2014 at 2:15 am

    I stopped drinking pop years ago. I will be trying not to eat homemade cookies in the next few weeks.



  3. We don’t buy soda and rarely even have carbonated drinks – this past summer my husband made some ginger syrup and added some sparkling water to it for a drink which was good, but for me I just don’t crave it. He started getting into the occasional “Mexican” coke when he first moved to America (not something big in Australia), but I have weaned him off that, not just for health reasons but because of what horrible damage Coca Cola is doing around the world when it comes to water rights.



  4. Ecogrrl, “Mexican” coke… Like I said, there are many enlightened people who don’t for whatever reason, your reason is different from the post, and I quite agree with the sentiments.

    Thanks for following the blog, appreciated.




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