Simple Green Ideas

Yes, Christmas is over for another year.

One thing for sure, you’ll have plenty of this stuff left over from the frenzy of Christmas morning.

wrapping-paperYour Christmas may not have been so green this year, but you can make next year an environmentally friendly Christmas. Save your wrapping paper. It only takes a few minutes to flatten it out and fold it and store it in a box.

Just think, if every family did this, how many trees would have been saved.

Happy New Year!

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  1. We recycled our teeny weeny amount of giftwrap (we did stockings only because it was our first year married so the hubs wanted to do gifts this time) as next year we’re going back to gift-free xmas 🙂 But your post gave me a flashback to childhood where we as kids would be tearing through stuff, and my stepdad would open his very carefully with a pocketknife on all the seams – and of course we kids would groan 🙂



  2. Read a wrapping guide recently that suggested you iron reused wrapping paper before using it again. Part of me groaned but at the same time it does make wrapping a lot easier. I’ve also decided this year to send thank you’s as postcards on the back of the picture side of the Christmas cards we received. We don’t get many cards or gifts anymore (as we requested) so like to say thanks when we do. Just have to remember to send the card to a different person that who sent it!



  3. Posted by Alex Jones on January 6, 2015 at 10:55 am

    In Colchester UK we fortunately have a great recycling system of collections of waste paper every two weeks, they collected our paper two days after Christmas. I don’t celebrate Christmas, which meant I did not indulge in the consumer craziness of the festival.



    • >Alex, like you, I don’t ‘do’ Christmas and I avoid the consumerism like the plague it is. The nearest I get to Christmas is at the local bar where I done a Santa Claus hat while BBQing (see past post) with a Ho ho ho… The hat has been recycled annually since 2009 when it was given to me by one of the regulars.




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