Monday Moaning

Here we go again!

Sugar, the big enemy.

Headlines today:

Cut back amount of sugar children consume, parents told

Health officials believe children are consuming more sugar than they should

Parents are being encouraged to cut back on the amount of sugar they feed children in a new health campaign.

The Public Health England (PHE) Change4Life campaign offers “sugar swap” tips, including swapping ice cream for yogurt and sugary drinks for sugar-free alternatives.

Health guidelines advise that 10% of a person’s energy or calorie intake should be made up of sugar.

But officials fear children between four and 10 are consuming far more.

‘Health impact’

Source: BBCNews Read more


While it may be true, sugar is not the BIG enemy. They’re barking up the wrong tree… again. Because the real tree has gremlins.

The real enemies are twofold, sweeteners and HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup); i.e. sugar-free alternatives.

Sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose are far more damaging to the body than sugar.

HFCS, which has replaced natural sugar in nearly all sodas and prepared foods in supermarkets, is a plague.

Natural sugar has 50/50 sucrose/fructose. HFCS has an imbalance, as much as 40/60. The excess fructose cannot be processed by the body and my understanding goes straight to the liver and gets converted to fat.

HFCS is the hidden beast that is responsible for the current explosion of obesity. Check this…

hfcs obesityNow look at this…

hfcs-2Check out these figures…


Click the image to enbiggenate if your eyes are like mine

Nearly every drink and preprepared food product in the supermarkets have HFCS…

hfcs_products2HFCS-1The governments won’t do anything about HFCS, because they’d be fighting giant corporations who pay millions for the ‘right’ politicians to be elected.

Politicians are basically cowards, they won’t protect your rights over their chances of being reelected.

You and your health simply don’t matter!

Your only guarantee for health is to totally eliminate HFCS from your diet. Forget the sugar problem, compared to HFCS it’s not a problem.


10 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by marieann on January 5, 2015 at 11:28 am

    Very interesting., HFCS was one of the first chemicals I removed from my diet. I was appalled when I started reading about it and found out it was in 90% of our food products.

    I agree that the big corporations own our food quality, and our politicians, so nothing will get done about the adulteration of our food. I do what I can to get the word out, but most folk are too busy with their lives to make any changes that would require time and effort, though with more blogs like yours I hope that will change.

    I still use sugar as I do my own baking,jam and bread making and I consider sugar(to some extent) to be a natural food…it just needs to be used in moderation, like all foods.



    • >Marieann, sometimes, I feel as though I am preaching to the converted. Most who read this blog are already aware of these dangers. But if I can reach just one more…

      I am hotly against election donations, lobbying and carrer politicians. ALL politicians, not just the president, should be limited to a term of two terms, with a further two terms before they can stand again.

      When it comes to sugar usage, I use raw sugar (Demerre) rather than white super refined.




  2. The corn industry in general is a huge environmental disaster from high water usage, to pesticides, to the packaged food industry and factory farmed feed. I personally try to support local farmers as much as possible. I think the one thing everyone can do to reduce their environmental footprint, is stay away from packaged foods as much as possible. This is what lines the corporations pockets. Plus, I figure, if you have to read a label or it can sit on a shelf, then it probably isn’t very nutritious for you.

    I do think sugar is bad also though. I recently went to Hawaii and the sugar industry is causing a ton of pollution and sugar is not necessary in our diets. Since my husband and I gave up all sweeteners, we have reset our palette… i.e. a bowl of berries, a sweet potato, cinnamon and 90% dark chocolate satisfy our sweet tooth.



    • >Green, I always try to stay away from prepackaged food. I am against anything any corporation does. Everything we eat or use uses water. Even a single latte in the morning uses 200 litres of water, the reason I never buy coffee when I’m out of the house. 90% dark chocolate sounds yummy, I can only get 70% here…




  3. My son likes a soda with some foods while visiting me last weekend I suggested he try a locally made soda that is made with real sugar and real ingredients. He did and couldn’t stop raving about how much better it tasted. Since sugar, which isn’t perfect, has been replaced with HFCS or worse aspartame, it’s not only affected our health but also our taste buds. I used to drink a lot of soda in my youth but couldn’t stomach the stuff once they changed the recipes. The last time i too a drink of one all I tasted were the chemicals,, it was downright gross.

    I rarely have white sugar around, I keep raw honey and real maple sugar in the house for baking although I did try raw sugar but I’d rather have the maple sugar as I like the flavor it lends to the food.



    • >Lois, I refuse to srink coke or any soda. I make my own with fresh fruit juice and sparkling mineral water. Best ‘fanta’ you ever had, no sugar. I’ve never seen maple sugar here in Brazil…




  4. Posted by Alex Jones on January 6, 2015 at 8:17 am

    All these health warnings would be great if there was no bias, but I guarantee the food lobby has prejudiced the health ministry in what they put out.



    • >Alex, they have. All the pro-HFCS reports are industry linked.

      A thought crossed my mind the other day while watching a TV ad for margarine, and how wonderul it was and 7/10 Brazilian households use this brand. Why don’t they have adverts for natural butter, that tell the truth?




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