Argentum Vulgaris

Argentum Vulgaris is, of course, a pseudonym, but it is and has been what I am know as across the internet, I see no reason to change that. Besides, I do tend to play rough sometimes. I have said that I am not here to be nice and so I don’t pull any punches whether they are aimed at governments or companies, or indeed, people. A degree of anonymity is necessary for self preservation.

Argentum Vulgaris is Latin, it literally means ‘common silver’ and is used to refer to small change. Small change is not important, neither am I.

The real me, well I am old; sixty last birthday (2011). In Portuguese I am a velho caduco, a grouchy old man; every neighbourhood has one. My avatar represents me, far more flattering than my real self;

I have, by virtue of my age, seen and done a lot in my lifetime; more than most. I didn’t complete secondary school (Americans would call me a high school drop-out). I failed in English, I failed in maths, I excelled in sciences and the things I wanted to do. Of course, I realise the folly of that pig-headedness now, but as a teenager I was pretty much normal.

I have in recent years, with the advent of the internet, become more than politically aware. In the same way as I have become more aware of the fact that our tenure on this planet is increasingly fragile; and that is what brings me to this point.

Why Eco-Crap?

Why, indeed? Now, well more than a year ago, before the original Eco-Crap existed. I had a comment left on my blog Tomus Arcanum which is where my eco stuff was posted. The comment referred to ‘my ecocrap’ in a derogatory sense. Initially, I took umbrage, but then I began to refer to my own writings as eco-crap. When the day came I decided that my green and eco postings should have a home of their own, I agonised for days over a name for the blog before I finally realised that I had the perfect name, sitting there, staring me in the face. Talk about not seeing the wood for the trees…

Hence Eco-Crap became the repository for my posts, my rants, my news and discoveries as relating to life and the environment.

This was the first design and was later incorporated into the banner on the Home Page.

So take a ticket, follow me and I’ll take you on an eco-journey.

Update March 2012:

One of my partners in ‘crime’ is Small Footprints and her blog Reduce Footprints, she recently began a Meet & Greet Monday.

She randomly choose one of the sites and feature it next week.

This week it was my turn, and this is what she had to say:

“This week’s featured site is Eco Crap. I have been following Argentum Vulgaris and several of his blogs for quite some time. Eco Crap is one of his newer blogs and is dedicated to all things “green”. AV shares his own, ever-expanding environmental awareness with his followers … it often feels as though we are allowed to walk beside him and get a first-hand view when he uncovers the reality of life on our planet. At times, his direct and honest opinions make the reader a bit uncomfortable … probably because he so often touches on a truth that many would rather ignore. AV doesn’t ignore them. In fact, he exposes them and looks for solutions. I find Eco Crap refreshing … it doesn’t pander to politically correct thought … it doesn’t make any excuses. It just makes us aware and makes us take notice. Stop by and visit … you’re bound to learn something and you’re guaranteed to be entertained.”

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  2. Posted by oakworld on July 26, 2012 at 5:58 am

    Thank you for adding ‘ I am an Earthian ‘ badge to your site. It is an honor. Oak will add ecocrap gravatar to ‘Break-Free Patrons’ in column IN OAKWORLD with a link back url to your site.



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