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Nature Ramble

Year of the llama: Bolivia calls for 2016 to be dedicated to camelids

South American nation wants UN to raise awareness of the animal family, which includes alpacas and dromedary camels

A woman is seen with a llama as Bolivia is lobbying for 2016 to become the international year of camelids. Photograph: Alamy

For centuries they have hauled loads up the Andes and through trackless deserts with no more acknowledgment than a slap on the rump. Now, however, the llama’s moment may finally have come: the Bolivian government is lobbying the UN to make 2016 the international year of camelids.

The proposal – which would include not only llamas but alpacas, vicuñas and guanacos, found in Andean South America, and the Bactrian and dromedary camel, found in Asia, Africa and Australia – is contained in a draft resolution which proclaims “the economic and cultural importance of camelids in the lives of the people living in the areas where they are domesticated and used as a source of food and wool and as pack animals”.

The resolution, which will be considered by the UN general assembly, encourages the international community to “raise awareness at all levels to promote the protection of camelids and the consumption of the goods produced from these mammals in a sustainable manner”. The move has been welcomed by those who have studied the animals’ contribution to society down the centuries. “Historically, the development of Andean cultures is based on camelids,”…

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Change the World Wednesday – 11th Jun

Got coffee, raring to go!

Can’t eat a football – image: BBC News

Tomorrow is the kick off for the FIFA World Cup. Half of Brazil is excited, the other half complaining/protesting about the costs of a one month sports event while social services are left to starve.

Dilma Rousseff was on TV last night with a damage control presidential message.

I love the world cup, but the thing that disappoints me is there is no effort in promoting awareness nor solutions to the world’s chaotic environmental issues when you have the largest TV audience in the world as a captive audience. I consider this to be a major failing of FIFA.

Lots of big fat juicy worms

Lots of big fat juicy worms

As a part of last week’s CTWW, I turned over the compost heap. I didn’t find anything to transplant, but I do have a wonderful crop of worms, big fat juicy ones.

I was happy to see that I have two out of three pretty plants in my yard. My chillies and passionfruit; they do make wonderful displays.

I must take issue with Small on a comment in her ‘Final Thoughts’, “made me wonder, not for the first time, why we (society) choose ornamental plants and trees over varieties which provide food.” I think we have to look beyond pretty/ornamental, and look at what these non-food bearing plants do. While they may sap the ground of nutrients, do they also not provide composting material? Thus, returning to the ground what they have used. Think about all those leaves you rake up every autumn, wonderful for the compost heap; and then you grow veges. Do they not pander to the bees to make honey and feed birds like humming birds? I think that ornamental plants and trees do have their place in the scheme of things, maybe not direct food, but in the long run.

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On with this week’s CTWW.


This week, before placing items in either the recycle or trash bin, see if you can find new uses for them. For example, an empty ketchup bottle could be used to dispense pancake batter onto the griddle. An old cooking pot or tea kettle could become your newest planter. Got some empty medicine bottles? Fill them with coins and keep in your car for toll booths or times when you need a few pennies. The idea, this week, is to find a use for things which might otherwise be thrown away.

I do that, I try to find a use/repurpose for everything. It is the core of my life; and not only at home.

Even as I walk along the streets, I scour for something that I can reuse or repurpose.

Here’s some examples:

Two sewer pipe off cuts found near a construction site

Two sewer pipe off cuts found near a construction site make a bench


What's holding up my tomatoes? An old broom handle

What’s holding up my tomatoes? An old broom handle


My old stove is now my work bench and garden storage

My old stove is now my work bench and garden storage


Repurposed bricks in the kitchen

Repurposed bricks and small jar in the kitchen

So I do, I do it all the time, it’s an addiction, I’m incorrigible.

…maybe I should go to meetings 🙂



Change the World Wednesday – 26th Mar

Not cheap


I threw out some food and some wine.

What’s worse, it was my cooking and the wine wasn’t cheap.

Yesterday, I decided to use the last of the sole (halibut) fillets in my freezer. I have never heard of, but couldn’t see why not use fish in a lasagna. Problem was, I had no lasagna; shopping day today. But I did have some macaroni, so a base of white parsley sauce, peppered sole fillets and more white sauce macaroni on top.

I opened the wine, it looked more like iced-tea, and was definitely musky.

Musk = glandular secretions from animals such as the musk deer, not that I am in the habit of sniffing around musk deer butts. I am using my powers of imagination here.

It wasn’t pleasant on the palate at all.

The ‘lasagna’ I ate one plate for lunch, I wouldn’t make it again. The problem was that I made enough for three meals, and had only eaten one.

It had to go. The guilt trip lasted the rest of the afternoon.

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On with CTWW. I didn’t realise, this Saturday is that lights out thingy.

Yes, Earth Hour 60+.

I consider this to be symbolic rather than effective.

Earth Hour – March 29, 2014 at 8:30 pm (local time)

I have never been convinced that even if the whole world participated, the use of alternative light forms, candles, torches, etc does not offset the switching off of lights.

But it doesn’t hurt to have symbols to raise awareness.

This week, in honor of Earth Hour and to raise awareness, please take photos of what you, personally, are trying to protect. Perhaps it’s a beautiful spot in nature that you particularly love. Maybe you are protecting the clean water which comes out of your faucet. It could be a photo of a river, a favorite tree, an animal, or the sky. The idea is to share, visually, your reasons for living green. You can post the photo on your blog or, if you wish, send them to me (HERE) and I’ll include them in next week’s post (put “CTWW” in the subject line so that I’ll be sure to see the email).


OR …

If you’d rather not do the photos, please observe Earth Hour by turning off your lights for one hour beginning at 8:30 pm (your local time) on Saturday, March 29, 2014.

My photo is of the local praça (park) in front of my house. It’s not particularly obvious, but under the bushes there is a lot of rubbish.
Rubbish under the bushes that surround the praça

Rubbish under the bushes that surround the praça

Plastic water and soda bottles, beer cans, disposable cups, and those nasty things shopping bags. I am constantly picking up what I can, and trying to raise awareness of the locals on the issue.

Our green spaces need protecting, whether they are urban or rural it matters not.

I try my best to live a greenish lifestyle, I’m not always successful (as above with my ‘disaster’) and suffer a measure of angst when I do something that goes against the grain. It raises my hackles when I see people not even trying.

As for the lights out… I probably will  because at that time I will be watching the news, I can do that in the dark.

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