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Bamboo keyboard and mouse

Going green with Impecca’s hand-carved bamboo keyboard and mouse

This keyboard is a little wooden, but it might be just your type.

Impecca’s KBB500 bamboo keyboard has a distinctive look, but otherwise doesn’t have many frills. Image: Andrew Cunningham


As computers, smartphones, and flatscreen televisions proliferate all over the planet, electronic waste is becoming an ever more serious problem. The US Environmental Protection Agency says that in 2009, of the 2.37 million tons of electronics that were thrown out, only 25 percent of those tons were actually recycled—and remember, this is before the new wave of tablets showed up and added millions more devices to the growing pile of tech in all our homes. Continued pushes to recycle old technology are probably the best long-term solution to this problem, but other companies are taking a more creative solution to the problem.

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