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Satireday on Eco-Crap


Satireday on Eco-Crap


Monday Moaning

Why is it so easy to save the banks – but so hard to save the biosphere?

Agreements to bail out banks happen in days – but despite some good progress at Durban, we still don’t have a legally binding deal to bail out the planet

The US and other nations began talking seriously about tackling climate change in 1988 – yet we still don’t have a legally binding global agreement. Photograph: Corbis

They bailed out the banks in days. But even deciding to bail out the planet is taking decades.

Nicholas Stern estimated that capping climate change would cost around 1% of global GDP, while sitting back and letting it hit us would cost between 5 and 20%. One per cent of GDP is, at the moment, $630bn. By March 2009, Bloomberg has revealed, the US Federal Reserve had committed $7.77 trillion to the banks. That is just one government’s contribution: yet it amounts to 12 times the annual global climate change bill. Add the bailouts in other countries, and it rises several more times.

This support was issued on demand: as soon as the banks said they wanted help, they got it. On just one day the Federal Reserve made $1.2tr available – more than the world has committed to tackling climate change in 20 years.

Source: The Guardian Friday 16 December 2011 Read more


It’s an old article, but nevertheless pertinent.

The banks scream poverty and the governments cave in and give the babies the pacifier.

But when it comes to the planet, they turn a deaf ear and let the baby scream. The worse the offender, the faster they turn away from the problem.

Make you Fink on Friday

A Chain Reaction

Reduce Footprints finds Our Tiny Planet and spreads the word. I go an visit Our Tiny Planet and find my Fink on Friday post.

I just had to pass this on, it’s great lesson in a nutshell.


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