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Simple Green Ideas

Most households today have old PC cases from ex-PCs.


What to do with them?

Here’s a crazy idea for the bar…

funny8Using your imagination, there’s always a way.

Simple Green Ideas

Still got one of these stashed in the garage?


Want a new bar?



Problem solved!

Simple Green Ideas


Two ideas today. One simple, one not so simple.

One is an item that nearly every home has; the other you’ll have to hunt for unless you have an army in the backyard or neighbourhood.

Somewhere round the yard, you’ll probably have one of these…


If you’ve just installed a pool, or outdoor patio, use it to make one of these.


Or the not so simple, for the more adventurous, and you’ve happened upon one of these, what a bar set up for a den, man cave or outdoors.


All images are from Pinterest.

Simple Green Ideas

Doors come in many shapes and sizes.

If you have been doing renovations you may have an old one around, or some nearby business has been doing them you my be lucky and score a freebie.

Here’s an idea for your pantry, giving you kitchen a rustic look.

The advantage of a sliding door is that it doesn’t require ‘room’ to open.

Maybe you don’t like the ‘old paint’ theme, so sand it down, stain and varnish it.




Image from This Old House

Image from This Old House

Be a good idea to hide your bar too…

Simple Green Ideas

Still on about bottles this week. Found this patio bar… 3

From: GreenScene

Simple Green Ideas

Here’s one that’s a little more complicated, but still a great idea for recycling, or repurposing as some call it.

Back in February I posted an idea for old pianos, Got an Old Piano?

Well, here’s the same blurb  with another idea.

Got an Old Piano?

Well have you?

Can’t sell it, nobody wants pianos these days.

And you don’t know what to do with it…

Think outside the box:


Makes a great hideaway bar with a bit of ingenuity.

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