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Change the World Wednesday – 8th Aug

Garden boxes are all treated timber, but is it safe?

My thanks goes to all those who participated in Reduce Footprint’s  challenge last week; it certainly raised some awareness.

One reader (sorry, I can’t give you credit, I lost the link) covered toxic wood stains and timber preserving, an aspect that I hadn’t considered.

My post simply covered some links for further reading on the identification of plastics and their importance when it comes to our health.

This weeks challenge has been done, but taking account of your water usage is always valuable.

This week conserve water by not wasting it. Consider every drop which typically gets poured down the drain and find creative uses for it. Examine your water use and see where, and how, you can make improvements.

Or …

Already a super-saving, water-conserving hero? Then your challenge is to tell us how you do it … and you’ll get “points” for coming up with truly creative approaches.

The only water that goes down my drain is that which is detergent contaminated, all other grey water goes on to the garden and pot plants. Showering daily at the moment is not necessary with our current cold snap, so every second day, I just splash water on my face to wake up, and give the armpits a similar splash. That’s not possible here in the summer with our 40ºC+ (104ºF) days, some days two showers are necessary, but my showers are limited to three minutes. Being bald has it’s advantages, no hair to wash.

Now here’s some of the little things that I do. Use any excess hot water or vege water to splash on the dirty plates in the sink; it loosens or removes any grease and means you use less detergent.

Do you wash your cutting boards with detergent? Mostly, it’s not necessary; if you use a good stiff brush to scrub and a quick rinse, that’s all that’s necessary. I have four cutting boards in the kitchen, and it would be months since they have seen detergent. I’m not dead yet. I also use the scrubbing brush on my dishes and pots and pans to get rid of any ‘crusted’ deposits; then it just takes a quick wipe with detergent, a quicker dunk, and presto, clean!

Did someone mention ‘beer o’clock’?

I don’t use water to wash my yard down (this is a traditional thing with Brazilians). I sweep it. Raises a good sweat, and makes that beer o’clock even tastier.

There you go, that’s my offering for the week.

Have a great week and a better weekend.

Change the World Wednesday – 8th Feb

A sure sign of frustration

I am up, got coffee and at the keyboard, what more can you expect?

Yes, I’m ready and raring to go, but then I find I can’t…

I am frustrated.

You all know that I look forward to CTWW on a Wednesday and never fail to participate. I have participated in each and every one since the inception.

But today’s, I can’t, I can’t go, I can’t rare, all I can do is sit here numbly with my coffee and stare at the screen.

This week’s Change the World Wednesday is a great one and none-the-less commendable, if you exercise a lot or use a lot of electricity or have a lot of electrical appliances.

This week unplug your exercise routine by using no power. No treadmills, ellipticals, gyms, TV, music, or anything powered to assist in exercise. Make your workout Eco-friendly … and, as always, let us know all about it.
Or …

If you’re not really into exercise, please consider it. In the meantime, take a look at your daily routine and choose one activity which uses power and accomplish it without power. Some examples might be preparing a meal without the use of the stove, washing dishes by hand instead of using a dishwasher, visiting friends and family instead of watching TV, etc. And oh yes, we want to know all about it (you’ll get points for creativity).

…but I don’t.

I don’t exercise. I should, but using a treadmill with a walking stick is a tricky exercise I would imagine, since I have never attempted the feat.

I don’t use a lot of electricity, I don’t have many electrical appliances and my stove is gas.

My only contribution this week is that the weather has been so hot here in Rio de Janeiro is that I have turned off the electric shower head. This is our 8th day running with a minimum temperature of 37ºC (94º+F for our American cousins who haven’t realised they are the only ones in the world who haven’t converted), it hasn’t broached 40 yet, but that is coming. The water from my roof tank is hotter than the electricity makes it. If I want cold water, I have to use the garden hose because that gets water straight from the street.

*Puts on thinking cap*

Creativity, she wants creativity… Okay, here goes.

Any time's the right time...

I am a carnivore; yes, I know that for many of you that will be a failing. But, apart from that I am a man who enjoys his beer. Beer o’clock is an essential time of the day.

Instead of going home to watch TV and have a snack after work (I arrive home about 7:30pm). I’ll go to the botequim  (neighbourhood bar), have my snack there while watching their TV. Well, Raimundo will have the TV on for other freguês (regulars) so I’ll watch too. That way my TV is turned off and I am visiting friends too. It’s a bit like having your cake and eating it as well.

Government Warning: Married men, do not attempt this trick in your own home. It can lead to fatal injuries or, minimally, certain aspects of conjugal life to be severely rationed.

…and now a word from our sponsor.

Cow poo!

Yes, on Make you Fink on Friday I am discussing that essential ingredient cow poo and how it affects our lives. Be sure not to miss it!

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