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Change the World Wednesday – 14th May

Early start this morning.

I went to bed earlyish last night, and as a result woke at 1am for nature. I discovered that my little Clorinha had been sick on the kitchen floor. Cleaned that up, then found the main act on the living room carpet. Cleaned that up and scrubbed the carpet with an old scrubbing brush that I keep for such unpleasant tasks. It was a scrubbing brush that most would have chucked, as it is well past its ‘best by date’.

talkqwertyThe little dear is now asleep on my our her bed; it’s got the warm. She’s in my spot and I don’t want to disturb her just yet.

So, I get to talk qwerty to you for a bit and start this week’s CTWW.

Following last week’s dodgy belly, I am pleased to report that all’s well; I finally managed to eat normally on Friday, but it was a rough week. The best news is that I didn’t have to resort to BigPharma for a solution. A simple bottle of Milk of Magnesia did the trick for R$4 ($1.70).

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This week’s CTWW is a ‘Good News’ one.

This week share environmental good news. Unlike the challenge we did in November (see it HERE), which asked that we talk about all good news, let’s focus on our personal triumphs. For example, if you were able to overcome a green-living obstacle (recycling, composting, etc.), we’d like to share in your good news. Perhaps you are preparing to plant a garden this year or have upgraded appliances to energy-efficient models … let us celebrate with you. Maybe you’ve realized successes like turning off the water while brushing your teeth or turning off lights when you leave the room … we want to be inspired by your achievement. The idea, this week, is to share all the good, green stuff in our lives.


Generally, I consider my ‘greenish’ life to be good news. I have said before that much of my greenness comes from necessity being an impoverished English teacher. Being frugal often means being green.

I have made many small changes, often prompted by CTWW itself, that give me comfort that I am doing my little bit. Changing from incandescent light bulbs, composting and growing what I can in old tins, grey water use, reducing chemicals in the house, using old jars for pickles and preserves, upgrading to more energy efficient fans and reducing paper are all minor changes that I have made.

I acquired a new piece of furniture last weekend. No, I didn’t rush out and buy it. I found it in the rubbish waiting for collection on the corner. I think it was a TV stand as it didn’t have a top, just adjustable brackets where a TV could sit and wheels.

My new laptop table

My new laptop table

I had the perfect piece of wood, found on another expedition, for the top and I have the perfect little table for my laptop when it’s at home on the weekends for private classes.

For me that is good news.

Clorinha is not right. She mewed plaintively in the living room and I manged to get her on the dirt box for a little vomit, then spent sometime petting her without her biting routine, just a nice stroking that made her purr. Now she’s asleep on the floor, which she never does. So, she’s definitely not right.

Here’s a little video that I shot yesterday morning of my rising star playing football in the garage.



Monday Moaning

I’m a day late again, blame it on BBQ dishes from Sunday’s family BBQ.

But there’s always something to moan about, so today it’s a Tuesday Moaning.

Today the subject is bullshit.

Bullshit that we have been fed for years.

Fat Is Bad For You

As Men’s Health magazine  states, no one has ever proven so called bad fats are really bad for you!

Fat is a necessary nutrient for the body and especially for the brain. In fact, without fat you and I would probably not be here at all as the human brain evolved and developed into the biggest and most highly evolved brain on earth due to humans eating fat. No fat = No human beings.

Even saturated fats are not all bad for you. Saturated fats are probably the most demonized food on earth! Many cultures thrive on high saturated fat diets including Eskimos (blubber – what do you think blubber is?), and the Kenyan Maasai tribe in Africa.

The reason we think saturated fats are so bad is Ancel Keyes and his cherry [lying] picking data. I dealt with Mr. Keyes in some depth a few years back, Ancel Keyes.

Mother Nature Network (MNN) lists several studies that show that prove saturated fats do not lead to heart disease, including LDLs, as well as listing the benefits of saturated fats.

As MNN states, this does not mean that we should go on a an all bacon-cheeseburger diet. Remember the key is to eat all things in moderation. Two other good reads on saturated fats can be found at body building dot com and at Men’s Health, which is always a good source for health related articles. On the fat issue read, What if Bad Fat is Actually Good for You?

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I have been aware for some time that we are fed this bullshit that fat is bad for you, so I was interested in following up on this post about obesity. I am obese.

Picanha is a Brazilian cut from the sirloin

Picanha is a Brazilian cut from the sirloin

I recently had to have some medical tests, one of them was cholesterol. My cholesterol is perfect, perhaps a little low.

I eat fat!

See that picanha to the left?

I eat it, the fat is delicious, that’s where the flavour is.

Some waiters try to avoid serving the fat, I create a scandal.

We have been fed bullshit for so long that people believe natural fats are bad for you.

Why is this?

So the makers of fats like margarine, cooking oil, vegetable cooking fat can sell their ‘healthy’ products to you.

There is no independent scientific data that proves natural fat is bad for you, quite the obverse. In relation to cholesterol, every cell in your body needs it to reproduce, it you don’t have enough cholesterol your health suffers. So why do doctors always say your cholesterol is too high? Simply to sell more drugs that lower cholesterol, that is BigPharma at play. Cholesterol lowering drugs are one of the best money spinners on the planet.

Unless your cholesterol is over 250, you don’t need them. Doctors suggest 230, that way they can prescribe drugs; you don’t need them.

My cholesterol was 235, the ‘specialist’ tried to get me to lower it, when I challenged him, he admitted I was right. So I got no drugs for cholesterol.

If you throw ALL unnatural, man made fats out of the home, and return to good old butter, lard for cooking and stop cutting the fat off the meat, and if you can return to milk from the farm, you’ll be a healthier person. Also, a return to the ‘yucky’ foods like black pudding, liver, kidneys; food that we have discarded from our diets these are all valuable sources of iron and such.

I am not a doctor, I am talking commonsense from life. My admitted obesity is from my sedentary lifestyle due to mobility problems. I truly wish I could get out and about more.

Stop believing the bullshit!

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