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Change the World Wednesday – 15th Feb

Champing at the bit

Normally I wake up on Wednesdays ready and raring to go; champing at the bit as it were. But this morning there were some issues in the news that took precedence. Having dealt with those and some other incidentals, I am running later than normal for CTWW.

My last week’s effort, I managed to put on the thinking cap and became creative.

My extra time at the botequim went well and I saved a whole week of two hours of TV and lights per day.

This week is similar.

The challenge is excellent, as usual, but the respect is just not here. Brazilians are not geared for this type of idea.

So here it is entirely impractical.

This week’s Change the World Wednesday Challenge:

This week create a recycle bin for all the non-curbside recyclables – batteries, CFL bulbs, misc. plastics, etc. – and then find out where to recycle them.

Or …

If you’re already a recycling “guru”, please tell us about your toughest items to recycle and how you’ve managed it. And, of course, any tips and ideas you have for recycling would be wonderful!

Catadores take anything that is not nailed down if they think they can sell it

If I was to put a special recycling/disposal box out several things could happen. Firstly the local kids would take it, use it, abuse it. Then there is the rubbish truck itself, they would just dump it in with all the other rubbish. Then the locals would just use it for any rubbish, they have no idea, even if it were to be printed on the bin. Lastly, the catadores (street scavengers) would take it for its recycling value and dump any possible contents in with normal rubbish.

So I am looking at the second part of the challenge. I’m so glad Small Footprints always provides an alternative to the main challenge.

As with last week it involves the botequim (neighbourhood bar). You can see the botequim in the photo and the proximity to my light green wall and white gate to the right.

Now botequins are normally a type of pé sujo affair, which means ‘rough and ready’ although literally ‘dirty foot.’

More often than not, they are simply a ‘hole-in-the-wall’ affair, with or without tables on the footpath (sidewalk for our American cousins). Raimundo’s is not. Tiles on the floor and walls, clean toilets, etc.

Now he has two of these

It has taken me more than two years to convince him to put a container on the public side of the bar for general rubbish. In the past rubbish ended up on the floor or in the street which had to be swept up several times a day so as not to look unsightly.

Recently he installed a huge display fridge near the front of the bar for freguês (regulars) to serve themselves, with a bottle opener hung from the wall. He finally put a box under the bottle opener and it has become a rubbish container and most people use it. There are still some die-hards and kids, that insist on throwing stuff into the street; and I have shamed more that a few of them.

So a small difference has been made.

Change the World Wednesday – 8th Feb

A sure sign of frustration

I am up, got coffee and at the keyboard, what more can you expect?

Yes, I’m ready and raring to go, but then I find I can’t…

I am frustrated.

You all know that I look forward to CTWW on a Wednesday and never fail to participate. I have participated in each and every one since the inception.

But today’s, I can’t, I can’t go, I can’t rare, all I can do is sit here numbly with my coffee and stare at the screen.

This week’s Change the World Wednesday is a great one and none-the-less commendable, if you exercise a lot or use a lot of electricity or have a lot of electrical appliances.

This week unplug your exercise routine by using no power. No treadmills, ellipticals, gyms, TV, music, or anything powered to assist in exercise. Make your workout Eco-friendly … and, as always, let us know all about it.
Or …

If you’re not really into exercise, please consider it. In the meantime, take a look at your daily routine and choose one activity which uses power and accomplish it without power. Some examples might be preparing a meal without the use of the stove, washing dishes by hand instead of using a dishwasher, visiting friends and family instead of watching TV, etc. And oh yes, we want to know all about it (you’ll get points for creativity).

…but I don’t.

I don’t exercise. I should, but using a treadmill with a walking stick is a tricky exercise I would imagine, since I have never attempted the feat.

I don’t use a lot of electricity, I don’t have many electrical appliances and my stove is gas.

My only contribution this week is that the weather has been so hot here in Rio de Janeiro is that I have turned off the electric shower head. This is our 8th day running with a minimum temperature of 37ºC (94º+F for our American cousins who haven’t realised they are the only ones in the world who haven’t converted), it hasn’t broached 40 yet, but that is coming. The water from my roof tank is hotter than the electricity makes it. If I want cold water, I have to use the garden hose because that gets water straight from the street.

*Puts on thinking cap*

Creativity, she wants creativity… Okay, here goes.

Any time's the right time...

I am a carnivore; yes, I know that for many of you that will be a failing. But, apart from that I am a man who enjoys his beer. Beer o’clock is an essential time of the day.

Instead of going home to watch TV and have a snack after work (I arrive home about 7:30pm). I’ll go to the botequim  (neighbourhood bar), have my snack there while watching their TV. Well, Raimundo will have the TV on for other freguês (regulars) so I’ll watch too. That way my TV is turned off and I am visiting friends too. It’s a bit like having your cake and eating it as well.

Government Warning: Married men, do not attempt this trick in your own home. It can lead to fatal injuries or, minimally, certain aspects of conjugal life to be severely rationed.

…and now a word from our sponsor.

Cow poo!

Yes, on Make you Fink on Friday I am discussing that essential ingredient cow poo and how it affects our lives. Be sure not to miss it!

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