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Simple Green Ideas

It’s close to Halloween…

Who doesn’t have some of these in the house?

Empty jars

Empty jars

Or some of these cluttering up a corner?

emptywinebottlesTry something new this year.


Jar lanterns


Bottle pumpkins

Both images from Pintrest.

Or string some little lamps in old milk or juice containers…

Plastic lanterns

Plastic lanterns

Or… if you don’t like my ideas, have a look at StyleMotivation for some more simple decorating ideas

Simple Green Ideas

Still on about bottles this week. Found this patio bar… 3

From: GreenScene

Simple Green Ideas

Still on the theme of bottles this week.


Some more ideas on Funky Junk Interiors

An Indoor Garden Idea

Many people have the urge to garden, but don’t have a garden. In today’s world space is often a premium, especially in the big cities where people are living on top of one another.

Here’s a little idea to scratch that green itch.

A bottle garden

Like the idea?

Then check out, how to on DesignSponge’s We like it Wild post, with step by step photos of the project.

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