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Change the World Wednesday – 10th Jul

I have a little more than 10 minutes, can I do it? Can I make a CTWW post.

The cacophony of dogs continues unabated each morning.

But on with the post…

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CTWW is a redo on food wastage.

This week, in addition to avoiding food waste, please share your ideas for how we can all eliminate it in our lives. The idea here is to share tips, strategies, recipes, etc. … anything that will help us “Use it Up” rather than send it to a landfill.



Head over to the Zero Waste Week site, register and check out all the great information.



Spread the word and encourage your friends and family to join the movement! Let’s ban food waste forever!!

Hmmm, a triple barreled one.


…and that was the good side

I have failed already. This morning I burnt two slices of toast beyond redemption, in fact they were beyond recognition.

On to the compost heap, good quality charcoal.

Really, I already try to eliminate wasting food, of course there are mishaps in the kitchen, the result of blogging while cooking… usually. But I throw little food out; even the T-bone from today’s lunchtime steak (it’s a ‘beef’ week) fed the dog next door; after being thrown at the intruding cat from the other next door that comes in and eats Lixo’s cat food – multipurposing. 🙂

On Sunday I used all my bread crusts, saved in the freezer, and made a wonderful bread’n’butter pudding.

Anything that gets chucked from my kitchen goes on the compost heap, so it’s not exactly wastage. The only things I discard are stuff that would become mouldy like cooked stuff, and very little of that goes out, because I am a terror for left-overs.

Anyway, that’s my ten minutes worth, time to toddle off to work.

Change the World Wednesday – 30th Nov

This last week, I failed a bit and then I won.

Breakfast wouldn't be breakfast without marmalade

Saturday morning I decided that I should have that traditional British stalwart, marmalade, on toast to go with my coffee.I love marmalade and it’s so rare to find it in Brazil, and when you do, it’s expensive.

Now, I was blogging at the time. Lesson learned long ago, blogging and cooking aren’t good bed companions. But, I’m a man, do I learn? LOL not on your life.

Slabs of Charcoal

The result was that I had two slabs of charcoal. Now, I thought, what can I use two slabs of charcoal for. Surprisingly, I didn’t have any immediate use for two fresh slabs of charcoal, and in hindsight, I couldn’t ever remembered having needed two slabs of charcoal before.

But then I didn’t waste them. On to the compost heap. Now most people would throw them in the trash, that would be a waste. Read my Monday Moan if you want a story on compost and my free tomatoes.

The week didn’t end there. Sunday I made a fresh thermos of coffee, wonderful black Brazilian coffee. I am usually pretty good at making coffee; the recipe is simple and hard to fail.

I failed!

I had made crap coffee, I’ve done it before, rarely, but even a chef can manage occasionally. Sometimes I really surpass myself. I don’t know what I did, probably miscounted the spoonfuls of coffee, four instead of five. But did I throw it out? No way, throw away a whole days coffee ration just because it’s crap. I drank it…  all.

Even if I had done this in the restaurant, it wouldn’t have been suitable for diners, the staff would have got it. Waste not, want not. Oh, they would have bitched, but I would simply remind them that it was free, if they want good coffee go out front and pay for it.

This week’s Change the World Wednesday challenge:

Energy Challenge, Part 2: Throughout the month of December, please take another reading and report back on your efforts. We’d like to know what worked, what didn’t, and any lessons learned. This will be an information sharing challenge and hopefully we’ll discover more effective ways to minimize our energy consumption.

Well, I did this one, just out of interest’s sake, I was able to do it over three months because the power bill arrived the day of the challenge and I started with the reading of the previous power bill.

My type of power metre

Jul/Aug:    17002     132kw

Aug/Sep:   17128    126kw

Sep/Oct:     17267    139kw

Oct/Nov:    17395    128kw

So my power consumption is pretty stable, the reason for the increase in the Sep/Oct reading was that I had fewer lessons, so the computer was on for more time, also the months with 130+ I had the kids to stay more than one weekend, so there was more TV and more fridge openings.

So lessons learnt:

Don’t have kids! They’re expensive.



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