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Our culture is ugly and harmful

Check out these facts.

A one day beach clean-up on California beaches in 2012…

Source: Switchboard

Monday Moaning

NB: The original post has been removed as the owner of the source website objected via a comment:

“I did not grant permission to reprint my article in full, so please change this to only be a snippet to my original piece. Thank you.”

In nine years of blogging I have never been chastised in this manner for combining with another site in the event of spreading important news this way, even though I credited his site as the source.

To the blogger, I apologise. I have removed the entire content to be safe. Had his comment been a little more pleasant I would have acceded to his request. I will, however, still thank him for the heads up on this issue.

Corporate Charlatans vs Super Heroes

The fight for labeling products is on. Proposition 37 is due for the vote.

See here how the two sides are shaping up. Who is for – Super Heroes, and who is against – Corporate Charlatans.


Image via Cornucopia – Click to enbiggenate


It makes me so mad that these corporations are putting $23bn into the campaign to fight product labeling; it just goes to show that they have a lot to hide from the public.

They are frightened that if we know the truth about the ingredients in their products that we will stop buying them.

It is the consumers’ right to know what is in any product.

My suggestion is, don’t wait for the labels, stop buying these brands NOW! Support the brands from Organic Heroes!

You can make a difference!

Head across to the Cornucopia Site and make your opinion known with your vote.

Voters and not politicians will be the ones to decide

How California’s GM food referendum may change what America eats

The vast majority of Americans want genetically modified food labelled. If California passes November’s ballot, they could get it

In the US, an estimated 70% of items on supermarket shelves contain GM ingredients, commonly corn, soy and canola oil products. Photograph: David Sillitoe/Guardian


Last month, nearly 1m signatures were delivered to county registrars throughout California calling for a referendum on the labeling of genetically engineered foods. If the measure, “The Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act”, which will be on the ballot in November, passes, California will become the first state in the nation to require that GM foods be labeled as such on the package.

This is not the first time that the issue has come up in California. Several labeling laws have been drafted there, but none has made it out of legislative committee. Lawmakers in states like Vermont and Connecticut have also proposed labeling legislation, which has gone nowhere in the face of stiff industry opposition. And the US Congress has likewise seen sporadic, unsuccessful attempts to mandate GM food labeling since 1999.

What makes the referendum in California different is that, for the first time, voters and not politicians will be the ones to decide. And this has the food industry worried. Understandably so, since only one in four Americans is convinced that GMOs are “basically safe”, according to a survey conducted by the Mellman Group, and a big majority wants food containing GMOs to be labeled.

This is one of the few issues in America today that enjoys broad bipartisan support: 89% of Republicans and 90% of Democrats want genetically altered foods to be labeled, as they already are in 40 nations in Europe, in Brazil, and even in China. In 2007, then candidate Obama latched onto this popular issue saying that he would push for labeling – a promise the president has yet to keep.

Source: The Guardian Read more


Power to the People!

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